Electronic chillwave sounds to get your Sunday sessions started take a listen to Tora. Gracing your ears from the coastal town of Byron Bay, Tora is derived from the Greek word ‘τώρα’ meaning now. The concept of Tora was conceived in the later months of 2012 and came together as a 5 piece act in early May 2013. Their beautifully chilled beats are perfect for your sunny Sunday. Enjoy.


Vejer de la Frontera, a Spanish town in the province of Cadiz. Andalusia, perches on a hilltop, overlooking a stretch of water connecting the Atlantic to the Mediterranean. Here, the white stone buildings and soft skies blend into one as birds fly low out to the surrounding valleys, dotted with farmland, orange groves and orchards.

Photos by Kate Holstein of Cereal magazine.

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O A K S – D A Y – S T R E E T – S T Y L E

Crown Oaks Day is better know as ‘ladies day’. A day for sorbet pastels and pretty hues. Here are the street style looks from this years Oaks Day at Flemington Racecourse.

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F K A – T W I G S

FKA twigs has premiered a video for her ‘Video Girl’ single, directed by Kahlil Joseph.

‘Video Girl’ is taken from FKA twigs’ acclaimed debut album, LP1. The album was released to widespread acclaim in August via Young Turks / Remote Control Records. FKA twigs will perform in Australia for the first time next year as part of Laneway Festival.

LP1 is FKA twigs’ defining artistic statem.ent, building on the success of her two previous EPs and accompanying videos (EP1 and EP2) which have elevated FKA twigs from a word-of-mouth secret to global obsession over the past two years. LP1 features none of these previously released songs; instead each track on LP1 is brand new, born out of FKA twigs’ artistic philosophy of spontaneous creation and collaboration in the studio.

FKA twigs – Laneway Festival 2015

Saturday 31 January – Laneway Festival, Brisbane
Sunday 1 February – Laneway Festival, Sydney
Friday 6 February – Laneway Festival, Adelaide
Saturday 7 February – Laneway Festival, Melbourne
Sunday 8 February – Laneway Festival, Fremantle

D E R B Y – D A Y – S T R E E T – S T Y L E

The Melbourne Cup Carnival kicked off this weekend with the first of four race days being Derby Day. Traditional Derby Day black and white dominated this year’s birdcage trends, with an emphasis on fitted and sleek monochrome attire.

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