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C H R I S T M A S – G I F T – G U I D E

For those last minute shoppers, All I’ve Heard’s Summer Christmas gift guide will have your entire nice list sorted. See below for each of our favourite brands and a link to their site. Happy Holidays!

B E R R Y – S A F A R I

Berry Safari is a lifestyle brand for lovers of the beachy luxe lifestyle. They have woven cotton beach towels and large beach blankets that are extremely soft and absorbant. The silk cotton robes feel as light as a feather on the skin and are perfect for lounging around in the home or as a beach cover up.

All Berry Safari pattern designs are 100% original, inspired by patterns, artworks, landscapes, seascapes, architectures, so each print is unique and individually woven.


Zefyr is an eco glam jewellery label which combines beauty with ethics to produce gorgeous sustainable jewels. Their jewellery is handmade from recycled brass sourced from factory offcuts and lovingly plated in 18 karat gold. Specially created eco-glass gemstones add dashes of colour to the distinctive and feminine collections. Zefyr is inspired by travel, history and architecture.

zefyrP A R R O T – Z I K

The Parrot Zik is revealing your emotions. It merges with the body, like a technological extension of the music you listen to. Adjustable, the headband plays the contrast between metals’ alloy and “leather-like” band. Parrot have developed these headphones using ground- breaking technology to create a truly immersive sound. The Zik are designed around a powerful processor that spatializes sound and recreates the acoustics of a concert hall.


Skywatch is a Swiss-made dive watch that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Skywatch is a culture, where Swiss precision and Southern California lifestyle intersect. Skywatch is inspired by vintage dive watches, iconic sports cars, and clean, cool, minimalist design.


P A L M – S W I M W E A R

Palm is an Australian Swimwear Label that celebrates simplicity and elegance through intricate detail and enduring quality. Form, line and texture are central to their design aesthetic; remastering the basics by synchronising simple lines, classic styles and fresh, clean palettes. Palm swimwear is carefully tailored to provide comfort and wearability.

T HE – L U X E – P R O J E C T

The Luxe Project sources art and fashion with a backstory. Selling contemporary designer bags, art and homewares made from the hand embroidered fabrics of South East Asia’s hill tribes. Most of The Luxe Project’s pieces are made from deconstructed ceremonial garments and baby carriers used by the hill tribes of South East Asia. As each piece of fabric has been hand embroidered and woven by hill tribe women, no two pieces are exactly the same – each item sold is truly a one of a kind.


GAIA Skin Naturals manufactures pure, natural, organic skin care products formulated especially for sensitive skin, for everyday use, at an affordable price.

M R – B L A C K

MR BLACK Cold Drip Coffee Liqueur is made by a few men and women in a shed here in Australia, drunk on ice, and enjoyed by booze enthusiasts around the world. MR BLACK Cold Drip Coffee Liqueur is a product with no equal. In 2012 MR BLACK was one of only six (of over 600) liqueurs globally to be awarded a gold medal at the International Wine & Spirits Competition in London. The creation of the MR BLACK blend took six months and over 240 iterations to achieve a superbly balanced spirit, true to the character of the ingredients and rigour of the process.

J E A N S – W E S T

Nothing says holiday fashion like gorgeous bikinis, shape enhancing one piece swimsuits, chic beach bags and vibrant sarongs. The Jeans West Holiday Essentials range will be sure to help you find that perfect summer outfit, whether it be for poolside or the beach.










C R A Y – B A N D S

After years of owning salons and seeing how hairbands break easily, damage hair and are unsightly on the wrist, Craybands creators saw an opportunity to launch a product that was non-snagging, gentle on hair, causes less breakages, are less damaging and simply more stylish.

With a range of on-trend colours and patterns, customers can create their own unique style. The product is made of soft elastic that will not mark or damage hair or skin. It is also highly-fashionable, versatile, comfortable and affordable.


Bring your vision to life with the remarkable speed, image quality, creative features and design of the Nikon 1 system. New innovations make it easier to catch the moments that matter, apply artistic effects and share your creations with friends and family. The 14.2-megapixel Nikon 1 J3 camera is so easy to use, you’ll forget how advanced it truly is.

Screen shot 2014-12-13 at 7.28.33 PM

L O O M – T O W E L S

LOOM towels are made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, creating a beautiful softness against the skin. These towels are also made sustainably and ethically in Turkey. Their made by hand on old shuttle looms – supporting local workers and traditional methods and creating small runs of towels at exceptional quality. Designed in Melbourne each LOOM towel is part of a limited collection of 70-80 towels.


NAJO is dedicated to crafting original pieces to suit each person’s distinct style, resulting in works of art that will weave their way into your consciousness and remain part of your style story forever. NAJO’s exceptional pieces reflect the rich mosaic of life, culture, arts, fashion and history of many different continents and cultures.

Screen shot 2014-12-13 at 7.23.52 PMR O S E H I P – P L U S

RosehipPLUS is about all things natural and organic for the face and body and we are delighted that after intensive research our first product to be launched under the banner of RosehipPLUS™ brand is our Certified Organic Cold Pressed Rosehip Oil. The Rosehip Specialists™ pride themselves on sourcing and producing the finest Rosehip products that enhance the quality of people’s inner health and beauty.

P L O X – I T

Plox produce portable iPhone charger and Android chargers for phones and electronic devices. Their products are designed to the highest specification with a colour for every personality. Both the iPhone charger and Android charger come complete with charging connections inbuilt, slotting directly into your phone to provide instant power. Plox portable chargers are made for iPhone4, iPhone5 and Android (all non-iPhone phones) and will provide between 2 – 4 full charges before requiring recharging themselves (depending on size of Plox charger you purchase).

Plox batteries are designed for the traveller, the business person and the everyday iphone & Android phone users. Imagine never running out of phone power again! Never losing GPS directions at that crucial time, or just not being able to connect with your friends when you are planning to catch up.

F R A N K I E 4

FRANKiE4 is the answer to many women’s prayers who have been searching for the ultimate combination of style and comfort. Produced in fashion-forward colours and prints and using beautiful soft leathers, FRANKiE4 has a style for any occasion whether it be work, working out or just walking about. FRANKiE4s are designed by a podiatrist and physiotherapist, to deliver unparalleled comfort and foot supporting benefits. They are truly the MOST comfortable shoes and the best gift you could ever give your feet (and your wardrobe!).

T A N G L E – T E E Z E R

Tangle Teezer is an innovative hairbrush that is just too busy being fabulous! Cute in size and big on style, it can be popped into your bag and pulled out in a New York minute to reboot hair in seconds. Has a removable cover to protect the patented and innovative teeth from fluff and dirt.

Screen shot 2014-12-13 at 8.09.25 PM

T H I N G S – T E R R I F I C

Things Terrific is an Australian family company born from a love of  leather handbags. From their early beginnings in 1981, the brand has evolved and now includes wallets, accessories and travel bags. All Things Terriffic items are made with the best quality full grain leather in our products


Drawn from the natural source of a unique line of hair care products, Fuente is dedicated to developing exclusive, naturally-based hair care, colour, transformation and styling products. The products all unite nature’s regenerating powers thanks to the specific properties of organic-based active ingredients, plus the purest spring water enriched with ions from Laguna Fuente de Piedra.







O A K S – D A Y – S T R E E T – S T Y L E

Crown Oaks Day is better know as ‘ladies day’. A day for sorbet pastels and pretty hues. Here are the street style looks from this years Oaks Day at Flemington Racecourse.

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D E R B Y – D A Y – S T R E E T – S T Y L E

The Melbourne Cup Carnival kicked off this weekend with the first of four race days being Derby Day. Traditional Derby Day black and white dominated this year’s birdcage trends, with an emphasis on fitted and sleek monochrome attire.

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B A L I – B O D Y



N O U R I S H – T A N – R E P L E N I S H

A great, natural way to keep your skin hydrated and nourished all day long, Bali Body is a 100 per cent natural tanning oil containing a natural SPF giving your skin a deep golden glow.

Made from five organic and raw ingredients, Bali Body does not sit on your skin like the average chemically enhanced tanning oils, instead it penetrates deep below the surface leaving your skin feeling smooth and emitting a natural glow. Used as a hydrating night time mask, everyday moisturiser or when you get out of the surf, Bali Body is the perfect addition to your daily skin ritual.
Bali Body is completely raw, organic and vegan friendly. With the combination of organic oils that assist in the reduction of cellulite, eczema, psoriasis and dry skin, Bali Body is essentially a skin food.
B A L I – B O D Y – I N S I D E – A N D – O U T
Cocos Nucifera Oil (Coconut Oil)

+ Nourishes Skin, Coconut oil takes care of this aspect due to the presence of medium chain fatty acids like Capric Acid, Caprylic Acid, Lauric Acid and Vitamin-E

+ Protects skin, The stable, saturated fats of coconut oil form a protective layer over the skin, extensively cutting down damage due to over exposure to the sun

+ Fights infections, Thanks to the antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties of fatty acids like Capric Acid, Caprylic Acid, Caproic Acid, Myristic Acid and Lauric Acid present in Coconut Oil, your skin is guarded against infections

+ Retains Moisture, The stable saturated fats reduce the loss of moisture from the skin considerably by forming nourishing layer on the skin

+ Soothes and Conditions the Skin, Coconut oil soothes skin in case of possible inflammation resulting from strong sun, dust, allergenic particles, or other environmental factors. It also keeps skin smooth and gives it a shiny glow

+ Tones and tightens, The properties in coconut oil can assist in reducing cellulite and premature ageing, keeping your skin tight and toned


Olea Europaea (Olive Oil)

+ Olive oil is packed with antioxidants, the body’s built-in defence against free radicals.

Free radicals lead to a loss of collagen and elastin, two things in your skin that keep you looking young. This tells us that olive oil is a great natural weapon in the battle against the effects of premature aging.


Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed oil

+ Grape Seed oil is just what it sounds like – it is the oil extracted from seeds of grapes. Though the extraction process for these oils sounds complicated, what they do for your skin is very simple: Grape seed oil can treat acne, reduce dark under-eye circles, moisturize and tighten your skin.


Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) oil

+ Jojoba oil has many organic and mineral properties, making it the perfect raw skin food to help you keep that natural glow. It helps to fight facial lines, skin scarring and fatty tissue. It is also amazing in challenging skin circumstances like acne, eczema and psoriasis.

+ Jojoba oil relieves aggravated skin and improves the natural development of collagen. (Yes babes, we said collagen). It also offers efficient protection towards the sun and fights the symptoms of aging like wrinkles and fine lines.


Aqua (water)

+ Water is essential to maintain the optimum skin moisture and deliver essential nutrients to the skin cells. It replenishes the skin tissue and increases its elasticity. This helps delay the appearance of signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines.

+ Aqua keeps the skin well hydrated and glistening, thereby, enhancing that golden glow.

Z I M M E R M A N – R E S O R T – S W I M









Australian swimwear label Zimmermann is continuing its global reign with the release of the label’s Resort Swim 2015 campaign.

Setting sail amongst the waters of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, the campaign captures the sleek sophistication and relaxed sensuality of the collection. Fashion photographer Darren McDonald shot the collection, in which his images encapsulated the modern bohemian spirit of the Zimmermann woman perfectly.

The new collection is heavily influenced by the 70s, with an elegant yet easy to wear aesthetic. The designs might on first glance seem playful and carefree, yet in true Zimmermann style, they are intricately detailed with corseted structure, sheer mesh panelling and custom trimmings. With collections like these, it’s not hard to see why Zimmermann remains front and centre on the global swimwear scale.


M S F W # 5

From playful pastel crop tops to abstract floral and pop prints; to cut-out detailing and sculptural pieces made with textured fabrics – perforated neoprene, woven leather and cork – Melbourne Spring Fashion Week Runway Two showcased the latest contemporary spring and summer looks from Australian designers.

Carly Hunter, YB J’AIME, Alice McCall, LIFEwithBIRD, Neo Dia, Kahlo, Manning Cartell, LUI HON and Willow took to the runway, while poet (and one half of the talent behind Flume) Jezzabell Doran recited her beautiful spring-inspired words between shows.

The Love Kevin Murphy team created an incredible underwater look and Mecca Cosmetica complimented with a radiating sheen while making impact with dark lips and bold brows.


1966874_968627549830413_7515732409393137245_n  10410701_968627536497081_2637496672995695486_n






Photos: Lucas Dawson Photography 2014

N A P O L E O N – P E R D I S – L I F E – S T Y L E

Napoleon Perdis is thrilled to announce the opening of his fifth Napoleon Perdis Life.Style Store in the newly refurbished Emporium Melbourne.

In addition to showcasing exclusive Ready-to-Wear collections, luxury accessories, jewellery and homewares, Life.Style Emporium Melbourne will introduce Parisian label American Retro, alongside accessories from Macon & Lesquoy and Royal Blush. This eclectic mix will sit alongside the already iconic Napoleon Perdis cosmetic collection.

Life.Style Emporium Melbourne store will showcases ready-to-wear pieces from designers including Clover Canyon, Robert Rodriguez, Milly NY, TOME and Demy Lee , as well as jewellery by Jean Marie Poinot and Macon & Lesquoy, and handbags by Cecile et Jeanne and Clare Vivier.

Napoleon Perdis has been a lead player in the cosmetics industry for over 17 years and has now evolved into a retail force across categories and continents.

“Melbourne has really embraced the Life.Style concept; the shopping experience is so diverse and the consumer is very discerning, so Emporium was the obvious choice for my fourth Life.Style store opening. ”

Napoleon Perdis Life.Style Emporium Melbourne joins the flagship store in the Woollahra Post Office, the Melbourne store located in The COMO Centre, South Yarra, and the newly opened Double Bay store in Sydney.



CLOVER CANYON_03     nOir_01



Napoleon Perdis Life.Style Emporium is located at:
Emporium Melbourne
287 Lonsdale St
Melbourne VIC

M S F W # 3

Drama, striking detail and contrasting moods were the essential elements across the  MSFW: Runway One at the Melbourne Town Hall. Romantive collections from Anaessia, AURELIO COSTARELLA, Carla Zampatti, DOM BAGNATO, Gwendolynne, JASONGRECH, Michael Lo Sordo and nicolangela graced the runway as a live orchestra enveloped the space in sonic splendour.

The Love Kevin Murphy team excelled with elegant French fish-tail braid and Mecca Cosmetica showcased a perfectly paired back look in the makeup department, with clean, powerful structure, shimmering touches and some dark liquid lines around the eyes.









Photos: Lucas Dawson Photography