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S L E E P Y – D R E A M E R S – S I N G L E – L A U N C H

Indie quartet, Sleepy Dreamers have announced a Melbourne single launch to unveil their new single ‘Hunk’ lifted from their forthcoming second EP.

The boys are proud to announce this hometown single launch, which is to take place on Wednesday the third of September at the Evelyn Hotel. Joining the dreamers on stage will be special guests Seven Year Itch and Young Vincent.

Sleepy Dreamers Single Launch
Wednesday September 3rd
The Evelyn Hotel with Seven Year Itch & Young Vincent
Doors 8pm, tickets $7

Video courtesy of Semple Size

O W E N – R A B B I T

Owen Rabbit

Catch Release’s latest signing Owen Rabbit and his debut single Police Car which is set to be released on August 1st on 7-inch vinyl. We had a chat to Owen about his upcoming national tour and the release of his debut single.

1.     Your debut single Police Car has just been released on 7-inch vinyl, how has the response been so far?

I’m really happy with how my tune has been received so far. I feel like I’m etching myself a nice little groove into the Australian music scene. The vinyls look really cool as well.

2.     How would you describe your debut track Police Car? What would you like this track to ignite within your listeners?

It’s a sad pop song. When I was writing it I had a lot of time to myself and I was remembering growing up in Perth and feeling directionless and getting in trouble. I hope it makes people feel better when they’re in a bad situation.

3.     Describing yourself as a multi-instrumentalist and producer, how many instruments in total can you play?

On stage I’ve got a guitar, an electric drum pad, a keyboard, a bass synth, another keyboard, a midi controller, which I use to trigger beats and samples and a whole bunch of percussion instruments. I play some other stuff as well. I really want to get a theremin.

4. Other than using bottles and matches, what is the weirdest thing you have used to make music?

I’ve got a travel monopoly set that I use as a shaker. I want to get a gun. Maybe not a real one, one of those replicas. I thought it’d be cool cocking it into the microphone. I might have a bit of trouble explaining that one to the cops if I get pulled over while I’m driving up and down the country heading to shows. I want to get some nice bells as well. Always after new stuff. It’s my birthday round about my next Melbourne show at the Wesley Anneon August 8th. If you wanna get me a present get me something that makes a cool sound.

5.     You no doubt have a talent in combining beats and vocals to create textured yet haunting sounds, who would you say this style is drawn from?

I grew up listening to Bjork, Nine Inch Nails and Aphex Twin. Lately I’ve been really smashing heaps of 90s soul/rnb like Bilal and D’Angelo. I love listening to anything that makes me feel something intense. I’m so into the new Porter Robinson right now. That dude is amazing.

6.     What do you think differentiates your style of music production from other producers within the industry?

I do everything live. I make up all the loops live with my drum pad and a microphone and play instruments. Everything is off grid, so even the samples are played more like a drum machine. I think it gives the whole sound a more organic feeling. Nothing’s so rigid as a lot of electronic music. I think people appreciate seeing where all the sounds come from when I play live.

7.     You are set to begin an Australia wide national tour on the 8th of August, are you excited to be headlining your very own national tour?

Yep yep yep! Stoked! It’s gonna be sweet as. I’ve got some pretty amazing supports all around the country. I think there’s gonna be some great nights of music.

8.     After the release of your debut single and a national tour, when can we expect your debut album?

I don’t want to rush it. I’m aiming to put out another single before the year’s up and then an EP early next year. I have an opportunity to record in Korea at a beautiful studio in Seoul. So even though I’m not doing an album yet, I’ll be putting out some music.

9.     Will your debut album be anything like your debut single Police Car, or should we expect something completely out of the blue from Owen Rabbit?

I’d like to keep doing different things. Even in my live show right now has there’s some pretty varied tunes. I think it’ll be a little darker.

10. Finally, who would you love to collaborate with in the future?

Heaps of people. At the moment I’m collaborating with a really amazing trap producer from Melbourne. Don’t wanna say too much about that one just now but that’ll be out soon. I’d love to work with Shane Koyczan as well. That guy is such a beautiful poet.




After winning Triple J Unearthed in 2011, Husky’s debut album, Forever So, has been a favourite amongst the indie music scene. Since then the band has continued to reach new heights, winning hearts with sold-out shows across the country. The band has previously toured with the likes of Neil Young, Gotye, Mumford and Sons, the Shins as well as a year of touring throughout the USA, the UK and Europe.

With a such a successful beginning to their career it comes with great excitement that the band are back, and have officially released their first single, I’m Not Coming Back. The bands entire album is scheduled for a Spring release and in the mean time the band will touring nationally across Australia promoting the new single. The song, and the dates, are below:

R U F U S x E N E S S

Stonefield - Potrait

Australian indie-dance trio RUFUS have always been about standing out and creating something different. They have a DIY attitude and if you have ever seen them perform you know they bring the stage to life. For their most recent tour, RUFUS wanted to  build upon their already explosive live shows and create something that adds another level of entertainment for their fans. With the initial idea in mind and the support of Red Bull, they enlisted the help of ENESS –  an award winning art and design studio whose works have been exhibited worldwide in Museums of Modern Art, the French Alps and even the streets of Mumbai.

ENESS create interactive art installations that combine varying disciplines, from fine art to software, architecture, music and even sport. They have pioneered the art of 3D projection mapping and real-time motion tracking of human movement in theatre, sporting events, and public installations. Their work often blurs the virtual with the physical surrounding, encouraging audiences to participate in a hyper-real world.

After months of planning, designing, building and rehearsing RUFUS took to the road with their Worlds Within Worlds tour and the product of this partnership – a portable LED installation that showcased what happens when two creative worlds collide. With seven rows of LED lights and visuals that have been choreographed to match the set list, this instillation is a unique step forward for the band.

Lead by the Managing Directors, Steven Mieszelewicz and Creative Director Nimrod Weis, the ENESS creative and operational team consists of a group of talented designers, coders, modellers, project managers, marketers and creative thinkers. With backgrounds in graphic design and software development, Steven and Nimrod have been operating ENESS, an award winning art and design practice, for the past 16 years.

Stonefield - Potrait

Stonefield - Potrait


T H E – E V E N I N G – C A S T

Joel Cooper from The Evening Cast had a chat with All I’ve Heard about the bands recent single release and Australia wide tour, here’s what he had to say.

The Evening Cast_2014 Promo
Image courtesy of Catch Release Records.

  1.      Firstly, congratulations on only just recently kicking off your Australia wide tour. Where are you most excited to play over the one month that you’re on tour?

That’s a tough question, because honestly every show is shaping up to be amazing! We are playing with some really exciting bands, of which I’m hanging to hear their sets. So I equally pumped for each show! In saying that, i have a soft spot for Byron Bay as a place, so I’m looking forward to playing and hanging out there. Fingers crossed we’ll get some sun.

  1.      Your recent single ‘Questions’ has received a great response from both listeners and industry experts, what was your direction and influence whilst writing this track?

We had a real belief in this song from the start. Every time we would come to it in rehearsal we would get so excited, we were all so invested in the writing process and there was a real buzz about how it was all shaping together. The lyrics became really personal, and the music riffs reflect that perfectly. We wanted to push ourselves and create something that we would be really proud of, and would reflect our ever-growing love for music. The lyrics are personal, the riffs are strong and that’s how we wanted to kick off this new season for us.

 3.     How did you decide on the concept for the Questions video clip?

There is something about the ocean at the crack of dawn that is incredible. The expanse, the solitude, the stillness, the roughness and the colours. I would often connect the feeling of the song to this feeling of freedom, space and letting go. Sunny Meade is one of my favourite beach coves; so it was nice to let people in to that space, and visually show them that side of the song. My brother Paul, (and guitarist) filmed, directed and edited the clip, so it’s really thanks to him for bringing that image to life.

  1.      You’ve recently kicked off your Australian tour, already having played in Melbourne at the Grace Darling Hotel, what is your favourite thing about being on tour?

Spending time together, playing show after show, meeting people who connect with our music and seeing all our hard work pay off.

  1.      Majority of your gigs are often played to intimate crowds, what do you hope to ignite within your fans whilst they watch your set?

We hope to ignite a moment that they will remember, that will move them or make them laugh, make them feel something they haven’t felt before, make them happy. Music does that to people, and along with our stories, our lyrics and the way we play, we hope to create a night that people thoroughly enjoy!

  1.      With such successful singles under your name, when can your fans expect your debut album?

Very soon. We’ve been holding off writing an album. We wanted to allow time to play around with different sounds and ideas. But it has been very clear to us that the time has come. We’ve never felt so right about it, and we also feel our audience is ready for one too!

  1.       You recently worked with Marty Brown on a Clare Bowditch track, what was that like?

We actually worked with Marty Brown on our own tracks. He has been our producer for the Last 3 Releases now: Questions, Lake and Hunting. He is an incredible producer and we have established an amazing relationship both with Him and Clare over the last five years. To have people of that calibre to bounce ideas off, to help point you in the right direction and to push you further is incredible. We really trust Marty, so we always have open ears to his musical ideas and wisdom! We have had the opportunity of supporting Clare on her last national tour, which was a buzz. There is a lot of love for Clare, and the energy at her shows is phenomenal!

  1.      Within the band who is primarily involved with the song writing process? Or is it a collaborative effort between the five of you?

It’s very collaborative. We love writing together and we each know our strengths, which is important. No one is trying to be the hero; we actually just enjoy creating something together. Then we all own it.

  1.      How does The Evening Cast differentiate itself from other indie pop bands?

We are musicians, who have chosen to do this because we can’t live without it. We aren’t going to break up if we aren’t an overnight success, in it’s our blood and we will be writing music for years to come. We don’t seek a particular genre or sound because of airplay, or what people are diggin, we just play our music, we work hard at it, and hope it connects! Strangely I think that kind of head down, work hard, stick at it has become a point of difference. Bands pop up and disappear again too quickly.

  1.  Where does The Evening Cast see themselves over the next couple of years?

An album under our belt, more shows, more tours, more festivals and more interesting collaborations!

L I L ‘ R O S S C O

Melbourne based DJ/producer Lil’ Rossco was excited to officially launch his latest mix ‘27 Club’. The tribute mix was three years in the making and consists of nostalgic throwbacks to music legends whose lives ended abruptly at the age of 27. Members of the infamous ’27 club’ feature in the mix and include 44 music personalities who all left their own unique stamp on the industry.

Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison are among some of the big-name featured in the mix. Lil’ Rossco serves up the ‘27 Club’ release which effortlessly fuses the genres of rock, grunge and jazz with flavours of electro, metal and blues. Choosing not to be constricted by any one style, Rossco is famous for delivering his own unique brand of impressive beat-making, continuing this trademark style with his latest mix.

To celebrate the launch of ‘27 Club’, Lil’ Rossco threw an invite only party, where guests listened to the exclusive mix whilst jamming with the hard-partying legends of years gone by. The mix is now exclusively available for free streaming, downloading and sharing, via and


Check out the social snaps from the event below.










M A R M A L A D E – G H O S T

Starting out as a basic means for curator Ed Tripodi to share songs he wrote in his bedroom, Marmalade Ghost has since began to gain plenty of interest within the independent Melbourne music scene.

Singer and song writer Ed Tripodi, created Marmalade Ghost with the intention to produce a stripped back, minimalist approach to conventional recording and writing, whilst maintaining a heavy emphasis on the art of story telling.

The debut single from Marmalade Ghost, This Chest of Drawers, will be officially launched at The Evelyn Hotel in Melbourne on the 2nd of July. Be sure to check out the work of this budding Melbourne artist.

This is Chest of Drawers is available for free to download at Marmalade Ghost‘s  Triple J Unearthed page.