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S M I R N O F F – S N O W – D O M E @ T H R E D B O

With the 2014 winter snow season well and truly underway in Thredbo, the Smirnoff Snow Dome is about to turn up the volume with three epic FREE parties hosted across August and September. Bringing the hottest tunes and artists to Australia’s very own winter wonderland, the Snow Dome will serve up Smirnoff’s best cocktails as it hosts three parties of the year on the slopes of Thredbo.

Throughout the remainder of the 2014 snow season, party-goers will be treated to free performances by some of Australia’s most successful music talent including Touch Sensitive, Sosueme DJs, Yacht Club DJs, Yahtzel, Alison Wonderland and Danny Clayton. Each act brings a unique, sound leaving party-goers dancing up a storm.

Smirnoff Snow Dome

Thredbo Snow Dome

WHAT: Free party feat. Touch Sensitive and Sosueme DJs featuring Danny Clayton

WHEN: Saturday 9th August, 5pm till late

WHO: Touch Sensitive and Sosueme DJ’s featuring Danny Clayton

WHERE: Smirnoff Snow Dome @ Thredbo (Thredbo Tennis Courts, next to Valley Terminal)

WHAT: Free party feat. Yacht Club DJs and Yahtzel

WHEN: Saturday 23rd August, 5pm till late

WHO: Yacht Club DJs and Yahtzel

WHERE: Smirnoff Snow Dome @ Thredbo (Thredbo Tennis Courts, next to Valley Terminal)

WHAT: Free party feat Alison Wonderland and Young Franco

WHEN: Saturday 13th September, 5pm till late

WHO: Alison Wonderland and Young Franco

WHERE: Smirnoff Snow Dome @ Thredbo (Thredbo Tennis Courts, next to Valley Terminal)


Thredbo’s biggest party nights will be presented in a giant snow dome structure and each event will transport partygoers to a fantastical world, complete with astonishing audio visual production to create an epic party environment! Simply add some best mates, a few days on the slopes of Thredbo and some killer dance moves for the perfect winter escape.


K A Y L E N E – M I L N E R – T H E – C A R M E N

 Kaylene Milner has collaborated with Carmen Hamilton from The Chronicles of Her to launch a made-to-order cable knit dress aptly named “The Carmen”.

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Originally a one-off, Kaylene decided to invest in her own knitting machine to satisfy the demand from Carmen’s blog post which first featured the dress in orange. The overwhelming response of the collaboration has Kaylene placing her sights on knitwear, steering her eponymous label into an ethical made-to-order knitwear direction. All I’ve Heard had a chat with Kaylene Milner, about the change in direction for her label.

1. The Carmen is no doubt a work of knitted art, where did you draw influence for this beautiful garment?

The original garment was part of my graduation range, which was inspired overgrown textures in nature. I wanted the cables to be part traditional cabling/part wild vines mapping the contours of the body.
2. Originally a one-off piece, what made you decide to invest your knitting talents and your label into an ethical made-to-order direction?
After Carmen from Chronicles of Her posted photos of herself wearing the dress, I was flooded with emails from people asking how they could buy the dress. I set to work trying to find a knitwear manufacturer who could replicate the dress, however I was unable to find one who could faithfully replicate the dress without compromising design details. So rather than admitting defeat, I purchased a domestic knitting machine, and taught myself how to operate the intimidating piece of machinery. Originally I had not foreseen it would result in such an ethical way of producing. The fact that there is no wastage sits well with me, and I only make as many dresses as I have orders.
3. Has knitwear always been a key trend throughout the labels existence? 
I have included knitwear in each collection I have produced so far. I still have so much to learn, which I intend to explore through each subsequent collection.
4. Through the introduction of this slow-fashion line what do you hope to create for your customers?
I hope to create a “slow fashion” garment that my customers can cherish for a long time. I also really enjoy engaging directly with customers, and hearing which aspects of the garment they would like altered to suit their needs. It’s not something that customers can generally experience in this age of fast fashion.
5. With this change of direction to the label, do you think you will be able gain a wider clientele?
I’m not sure if it will be a wider clientele, or a more focused clientele, who appreciate the time and effort which goes into each piece. I guess only time will tell.
6. Your garments are made to be cherished and worn year after year; do you think for that matter they will be more appealing to your buyers as one-off pieces? 
The customers who engage with me are aware that this is a dress that I make myself, and that they will have to wait a few weeks before receiving it (unlike instant gratification purchases from Zara etc). It’s proving to be quite a timeless design though, so I think it’s worth the wait.
7. You are currently taking orders for made-to-order pieces, how has the demand been so far?
Let’s just say I’ve been able to keep up with the demand so far, but only just!
The made-to-order piece can now be purchased exclusively online at: www.kaylenemilner.com

S L E E P Y – D R E A M E R S – S I N G L E – L A U N C H

Indie quartet, Sleepy Dreamers have announced a Melbourne single launch to unveil their new single ‘Hunk’ lifted from their forthcoming second EP.

The boys are proud to announce this hometown single launch, which is to take place on Wednesday the third of September at the Evelyn Hotel. Joining the dreamers on stage will be special guests Seven Year Itch and Young Vincent.

Sleepy Dreamers Single Launch
Wednesday September 3rd
The Evelyn Hotel with Seven Year Itch & Young Vincent
Doors 8pm, tickets $7

Video courtesy of Semple Size

B . C . B Y – B L E S S ‘ E D – A R E – T H E – M E E K

This August, Australian label Bless’ed Are The Meek is launching its first basics collection, B.C. by Bless’ed Are The Meek. In stark contrast to the Bless’ed Are The Meek main line, B.C. (an acronym for Basic Collection), embraces the clean lines and minimalist aesthetic that is prevalent in Scandinavian design.

Using the highest quality fabrications – high twist crepe, 80’s count cotton poplin, superfine voile, modal jersey, double faced sateen and the softest lambskin – B.C is about providing wearers with staple pieces that can be mixed seamlessly into their existing wardrobe or simply worn with ease on their own.

Seasonal colour accents anchor each range, with key shapes such as boxy shifts and midi dresses, tailored cropped tops and slouchy shirts evolving with every collection. The designer Tarek Kourhani says, “The concept is not about creating another basics range, but to provide a base collection that can be easily integrated with the Bless’ed Are The Meek main line. There are no jeans or denim jackets, just modern, polished, on-trend shapes that work for everybody, everyday”.

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O W E N – R A B B I T

Owen Rabbit

Catch Release’s latest signing Owen Rabbit and his debut single Police Car which is set to be released on August 1st on 7-inch vinyl. We had a chat to Owen about his upcoming national tour and the release of his debut single.

1.     Your debut single Police Car has just been released on 7-inch vinyl, how has the response been so far?

I’m really happy with how my tune has been received so far. I feel like I’m etching myself a nice little groove into the Australian music scene. The vinyls look really cool as well.

2.     How would you describe your debut track Police Car? What would you like this track to ignite within your listeners?

It’s a sad pop song. When I was writing it I had a lot of time to myself and I was remembering growing up in Perth and feeling directionless and getting in trouble. I hope it makes people feel better when they’re in a bad situation.

3.     Describing yourself as a multi-instrumentalist and producer, how many instruments in total can you play?

On stage I’ve got a guitar, an electric drum pad, a keyboard, a bass synth, another keyboard, a midi controller, which I use to trigger beats and samples and a whole bunch of percussion instruments. I play some other stuff as well. I really want to get a theremin.

4. Other than using bottles and matches, what is the weirdest thing you have used to make music?

I’ve got a travel monopoly set that I use as a shaker. I want to get a gun. Maybe not a real one, one of those replicas. I thought it’d be cool cocking it into the microphone. I might have a bit of trouble explaining that one to the cops if I get pulled over while I’m driving up and down the country heading to shows. I want to get some nice bells as well. Always after new stuff. It’s my birthday round about my next Melbourne show at the Wesley Anneon August 8th. If you wanna get me a present get me something that makes a cool sound.

5.     You no doubt have a talent in combining beats and vocals to create textured yet haunting sounds, who would you say this style is drawn from?

I grew up listening to Bjork, Nine Inch Nails and Aphex Twin. Lately I’ve been really smashing heaps of 90s soul/rnb like Bilal and D’Angelo. I love listening to anything that makes me feel something intense. I’m so into the new Porter Robinson right now. That dude is amazing.

6.     What do you think differentiates your style of music production from other producers within the industry?

I do everything live. I make up all the loops live with my drum pad and a microphone and play instruments. Everything is off grid, so even the samples are played more like a drum machine. I think it gives the whole sound a more organic feeling. Nothing’s so rigid as a lot of electronic music. I think people appreciate seeing where all the sounds come from when I play live.

7.     You are set to begin an Australia wide national tour on the 8th of August, are you excited to be headlining your very own national tour?

Yep yep yep! Stoked! It’s gonna be sweet as. I’ve got some pretty amazing supports all around the country. I think there’s gonna be some great nights of music.

8.     After the release of your debut single and a national tour, when can we expect your debut album?

I don’t want to rush it. I’m aiming to put out another single before the year’s up and then an EP early next year. I have an opportunity to record in Korea at a beautiful studio in Seoul. So even though I’m not doing an album yet, I’ll be putting out some music.

9.     Will your debut album be anything like your debut single Police Car, or should we expect something completely out of the blue from Owen Rabbit?

I’d like to keep doing different things. Even in my live show right now has there’s some pretty varied tunes. I think it’ll be a little darker.

10. Finally, who would you love to collaborate with in the future?

Heaps of people. At the moment I’m collaborating with a really amazing trap producer from Melbourne. Don’t wanna say too much about that one just now but that’ll be out soon. I’d love to work with Shane Koyczan as well. That guy is such a beautiful poet.




After winning Triple J Unearthed in 2011, Husky’s debut album, Forever So, has been a favourite amongst the indie music scene. Since then the band has continued to reach new heights, winning hearts with sold-out shows across the country. The band has previously toured with the likes of Neil Young, Gotye, Mumford and Sons, the Shins as well as a year of touring throughout the USA, the UK and Europe.

With a such a successful beginning to their career it comes with great excitement that the band are back, and have officially released their first single, I’m Not Coming Back. The bands entire album is scheduled for a Spring release and in the mean time the band will touring nationally across Australia promoting the new single. The song, and the dates, are below:

O A K L E Y – A C T I V E W E A R

Popular sunglass label Oakley has introduced their new range of women’s activewear products. We often know how difficult it can be trying to stay active during the cold winter months, as well as staying warm whilst looking good. The new Oakley activewear range contains an O Hydrolix technology, which cleverly keeps you both warm and dry. The range offers comfortable workout garments that not only look good but offer you the support, comfort and style that is paramount when purchasing workout wear.

  • The Oakley Continuity Bra, with mesh knit panels create a breathable fit, and is perfect for low-impact activities like pilates, yoga and walking.
  • The Activation 2.0 long sleeve shirt is made of a stretchy fabric that moves with you, making you feel motivated and comfortable enough to tackle those 5am boot camp sessions.
  • The Oakley Work It Out capris offer reflective panels which are perfect for pre-dawn or after-dark workouts. It’s hidden pocket is perfect for storing those small essentials.

The Holbrook Ruby Iridium shades, will protect your eyes from the rising sun and the chilly morning air, offering you a pop of colour to your Oakley activewear ensemble.

For the complete range, head to Oakley online to find out more.

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