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Y O G A 2 1 3

For those who don’t know Yoga 213, it is the clever combination of fluid yoga practice whilst holding postures to loud Hip Hop. Introducing Hip Hop Yoga. Their classes work your entire body with an emphasis on arms, legs and core. Their music is set to a loud beat ranging from old and new hip hop, acoustic, electronic and reggae. Think Notorious B.I.G, Jay Z, R.Kelly and Frank Ocean. Yoga213 is set to hold a 20 day yoga challenge from the 10th to the 30th of May. Purchases can be made online, and the cost is $160. With a range of classes to choose from including, Hip Hop Vinyasa, Chill Hatha, 45 minute power Vinyasa and a chilled Yin Yoga, there’s all the more reason to take part in their 20 day challenge.

“Downward Dogs to Snoop Dogg, Pigeon pose to Gangster’s Paradise, Sun salutations to Salt ‘n’ Pepper, Warrior I to Warren G, Navasana Boat pose to Notorious B.I.G.

 This is Hip Hop Yoga.”

12 Garden Street, South Yarra, Victoria, Australia 3141

A E ‘ L K E M I

After a three-year absence, Australian couture label ae’lkemi made their highly anticipated return to the runway at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia to showcase their Spring/ Summer 2014/15 collection.

Inspired by Gothic Venetian architecture with heavy Byzantine and Moorish influences, head designer Alvin Fernandez has masterfully created a collection that is an embodiment of modern elegance and grace combined with intricate style and design.

The collection stays true to ae’lkemi’s design philosophy of creating timelessly elegant pieces by taking a classical shape and twisting it into a contemporary form while developing and maintaining the design integrity of each piece. Fernandez wanted to mesh the classic style of ornamentation and embellishment with a modern tailored look and feel, clean lines and unconventional evening wear fabrications.

Sheer french lace jumpsuits and capes juxtapose python evening gowns and feathered skirts while tailored suits show off a strong yet feminine silhouette. The collection also features heavily embellished sheers gowns, glittering beaded mesh sets and signature silk jersey pieces in a palette of white, black, red and soft metallic.

Models took to the runway adorned with dramatic couture jewels designed exclusively by iconic jewellery designer Samantha Wills. Fernandez and Wills combined their unique visions and inspirations to create a range to compliment the collection which mixed old world opulence with visually seductive and playful surfaces and textures.

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Auckland based designer Vanessa Kim collaborated with Mino from the street style photography quartet, Foureyes, to unveil the much anticipated SS14/15 range on the New Generation runway at MBFWA.

“The Invitation” introduced the fashion sphere to an androgynous collection akin to both Vanessa and Mino’s wardrobe.

The directional range features a pure colour palette of primary red and blue balanced with white and icy greys. Organza predominantly features fusing understated luxury with a modern minimalist feel. Elegantly oversized silhouettes from fluid wide leg pants to clean, boxy panelled shifts graced the runway bound for both commercial and critical success.

Staying true to her ethical design ethos the collection also features whole garment technology, a vein that runs through each and every Daniel K collection. Lightweight breathable knitwear has been produced using a single yarn of merino wool resulting in seamless and relaxed knitwear whilst minimising the waste of fabric.

Cool, contemporary and understated is the Daniel K persona. ‘The Invitation’ is enough to meet the demands of a modern wardrobe whilst remaining individualistic.

image002 image003 image004 image005 image006 image007 image008 image009 image010 image011 image012


After two years of anticipation – including constant shows, collaborations and the magnificent teaser Thinking In Textures – Chet Faker has released his debut album. The question on everyone’s moistened lips is: was it worth the wait?

We start with some slow piano, toppling chords and atmospheric reverb. Then Faker’s voice comes in… and we’re back. From the first 30 seconds of ‘Release Your Problems’, we are pulled into his universe of signature soul and looping dub, layered under sultry vocals and suggestive lyrics.

‘Talk Is Cheap’ is familiar Faker in both subject matter and sound; a heavily textured and masterfully produced flirtation. It is hard to imagine any other Australian artist who could pull off a line like, “I wanna make you move with confidence / I wanna be with you alone.” But oh, how he does.  A less sultry, lighter ‘Cigarettes & Loneliness’ is a stripped-back showcase of Faker’s experimental side – choral and slightly strange. This is contrasted by ‘Melt’ featuring Kilo Kish, the duet smouldering over pulsing downtempo beats.

Built On Glass is an album that delivers what fans want, but leaves a little room for developing and filling out Faker’s sound. It’s soulful, it’s honest, it’s sex – it’s Chet Faker, matured.

Words courtesy of The Brag Magazine.


The dramatic collapse of a glacier is the protagonist in Australian-Chinese designer DORIS Q‘s Spring Summer 2014 collection.

‘Chasing Ice’, the devastatingly beautiful documentary by acclaimed environmental photographer James Balog about the effect of global warming, along with DORIS Q’s vivid imagination evolved into a wearable yet dramatic story comprising of foamy neoprene, sporty mesh, water proof fabrics  and wispy silks reminiscent of sea spray. ‘The way the glaciers moved and icebergs collapsed in to the sea reminded me of a sleeping Tyrannosaurus waking up.’ Explained Doris, ‘it was haunting and spectacular at the same time, which I wanted to reflect in this collection.’

Shades of cool whites, blues, grays and blacks reflect the icy landscape and arctic seas, while white digitally printed glaciers and sculpted shapes completed the glacial outlook for the collection.

image004 image006 image008 image010 image012 image014 image016 image018 image020 image022 image024 image026


Celebrating the launch of the new Activia fusions range, fitspos and yogi’s alike took part in a Barre Body beginners class at Bondi Junction. As well as an intimate fused cooking demonstration by the ‘Healthy Cook’ Dan Churchill, guests discovered the Activia Fusions range. The fresh and healthy fusion of sunshine inspired flavours in the new Activia Fusions range was perfectly demonstrated in the Barre Body studio. The new flavours included the Activia Fusions Lemon and Ginger, which combines a classic characteristics creating a spicy essence for the tastebuds, while the Lychee and Pink Grapefruit conjures visions of balmy summer nights and pool-side glamour. Activia yoghurt tub contains unique Bifidus ActiRegularis probiotics to reduce that ‘blurgh’ feeling. The launch event was all things health, happiness and well-being combined.

APL PHOTOGRAPHY - www.aplphotography.com.au

APL PHOTOGRAPHY - www.aplphotography.com.au

APL PHOTOGRAPHY - www.aplphotography.com.au

APL PHOTOGRAPHY - www.aplphotography.com.au

APL PHOTOGRAPHY - www.aplphotography.com.au

APL PHOTOGRAPHY - www.aplphotography.com.au

APL PHOTOGRAPHY - www.aplphotography.com.au

APL PHOTOGRAPHY - www.aplphotography.com.au

APL PHOTOGRAPHY - www.aplphotography.com.au


M B F W 2 0 1 4 P A R T 2

Our final photo re-cap of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Sydney is now live. See below all the high lights from the second half of the fashion filled week.








Images courtesy of Couturing.



The first time I saw Loon Lake live, I was under the big top tent at Falls Festival Lorne. Everyone was sweating from the heat, and the smell of warm cider took over. Their catchy indie rock ballads filled the crowd with an exhilarating vibe.  Thursday night’s performance at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne was nothing short of what I’ve come to expect from this local Melbourne five piece. As part of their ‘Good Times Tour’ the boys gave us their best garage-infused tracks true to their energetic Loon Lake style.

The surfer indie crowd of the night swayed their long sandy locks in unison with cheap ciders in hand, to each and every track. With favourites among the night being ‘Bad to Me’, ‘On Fire’ and my personal favourite ‘Cherry lips’. Loon Lake had the packed out crowd entertained with their electric performance. Completely so that they even managed explode their kick pedal whilst belting out a rock infused cover of Taylor Swift’s ‘Trouble’.

Loon Lake’s current ‘Good Times Tour’ is nothing short of its name. The Melbourne boys have a way of making you want to shake your head to and fro with a big euphoric smile across your face. Their indie rock anthems are distinctively catchy and their current direction is faultless.

This piece was also featured on Couturing.


Walking into the fashionable Carriageworks for MBFWA, instantly felt like what I would imagine to be walking on a runway – under the spotlight, glamorous, buzzing, in order and creative. A plethora of fashion arrangements. Showing that every choice was fine tuned, from threads to hair to shoes to makeup. An effortless art for this bunch.

The 8pm SWIM show was packed out. A fun vibe of chatty people filled the room. Certainly more males than expected, for obvious reasons and a small selection of tired bloggers that were over catwalks and taking notes. Refreshments courtesy of San Pellegrino offered by men in white and red pin stripe shirts and elegantly dressed girls was the perfect summer’s day drink to set the spring-summery scene.

However, it was bound to be a show that would make anyone dislike the fresh autumn chill that has hit a previously sunny Sydney. Bondi Bather opened the show with sunset coloured bikini’s, then brought in bright ocean blues. Winter appropriate long sleeve lycra bikini tops teamed with basic bottoms make the dreaded childhood trend look instantly fashionable. Dream come true for those pale skinned beauties! The stunning Imogen Anthony really blew us out of the water closing Bondi Bather by bearing all in a bikini made purely out of sand.

Carena West was purple, silver, white and hot pink. The high waisted cut out, purple, black and white pattern bikini was defiantly a favourite, Instagram is a testimony to that one. And when it’s paired with jellies and socks what’s not to love! The model stopping to take a selfie on the runway perfectly portrayed the bold, confident and fun designs of Carena West. Not to mention the collection could be seen through the 3D Image Viewmasters that were given away. Inner child was awoken!

Next up Surface too Deep were well aware of how to capture the female eye. Opening the collection was a fine specimen of a male walking in pastel patterned trunks. Yet, I’m not sure that’s what all those iPhones were taking photos of when he appeared on the runway. The girls however, wore basic cut pastel pattern bikinis, some teamed with a simple frill. Frills became a trend throughout the collection on block colour one-piece bathers, as well as the high waisted bottom. Think mustard yellow, deep red, black and olive green – colours that aimed to bring us up to the surface but the earthy kind.

Finally, Cleonie took us on a European summer journey. And the journey is not complete without the gorgeous European lover, right? Cleonie was generous enough to provide us with two. The male models wearing the psychedelic blue flower board shorts, carrying a pot of flowers already had minds wandering. But they continued to wander with beautiful collection pieces including strappy triangle bikinis tops and strappy bottoms. Cleonie proved that one could do no wrong in a little black bikini, with a simple modernized frill and a flattering high waisted bottom. It was the perfectly classic way to close the amazing MBFW SWIM collections, leaving us drowning in the thought of next summer.

Words by Renee Ilich.


Happy Accidents is the end result of the unison between an artist, a musician and a producer, scattered across three different cities. Their aim is to deliver  warm Nu Disco sound with a 90s Britpop spirit. Their recent remix of my favourite electro pop-outfit,  Miami Horror‘s track Real Slow, has definitely made me happy. Proving that this threesome is true to their name. Have a listen and feel happy yourself.