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H A Y D E N – J A M E S

Hayden James may have only released his first track in late June 2013, but he has already amassed a million plays across Soundcloud and Youtube for his work.  Producing immense summer jams with soulful and evocative vocals his music has stockpiled consistently rave reviews from the US, Europe and Australia alike, being labelled the “face of the new Australian production music scene”.   Hayden’s first single “Permission to Love” garnered worldwide love and attention hitting #1 most blogged on Hype Machine, as well as becoming the most played track on national broadcasting giant Triple J in Australia. The recent release of his latest track “Something About You” through electronic label Future Classic, is a definite summer playlist hit.

A N D R A S + O S C A R

Melbourne’s purveyors of “polite” house music talk the art of subtle persuasion, late-night table tennis and being vulnerable. Andras & Oscar sit somewhere toward the lighter side of Melbourne’s dance-music spectrum.

“Our music isn’t clubby, or rave-y”, says Andras, real name Andy Wilson. “It’s polite. If it persuades you, it does it gently.”

The duo’s debut full album may bear the name Cafe Romantica – after Lygon Street’s 24/7 Italian venue for late-night tête-à-têtes – but don’t get the wrong idea. This is not the duo throwing you onto a bed and having their way with you; this is them mixing you a Campari and soda and gently grazing your arm as they hand it over with a longing look.

Both individually successful in their own right as Andras Fox and Oscar Key Sung (real name: Oscar Slorach-Thorn), the pair decided it was onto a good thing after the critical success of its 2013 EP Embassy Cafe, released on Dutch label Dopeness Galore. One year on, Cafe Romantica is casual and synth based, with Andras’ pared-back production delicately balancing out Oscar’s pleading vocals. The duo’s sounds are soulful yet nervous, and always oozing leisure.

But if it’s not ripping up dance floors, what do Andras & Oscar envision people doing while listening to their music?

Slorach-Thorn suggests, “Having wines with four friends, making fun of mutual friends and having a little dance while doing it.” Wilson takes a different route, recommending seduction as the ideal activity. Just not for him.

“That would be a funny thing to do – trying to seduce someone by playing your own music. Hopefully we have better moves … actually ‘moves’ implies there’s some sort of trick to it … ”

“I would say I have the moves,” Slorach-Thorn says.

Moves or no moves, the pair set out to make a romantic album. Even admitting this fact sets Andras & Oscar apart from their more club-focused and up-tempo dance music peers. It has helped them to create a niche for themselves in the Australian music scene.

Wilson and Slorach-Thorn discovered their simpatico while living in a West Melbourne warehouse together a few years ago.

“Table tennis was a big part of it,” says Wilson.

“We’d both go out to a party on Saturday night and then at like 12.30am we’d both be back at home … wearing our dressing gowns and making music and playing table tennis instead of partying.”

This scene sounds like the ideal environment for creating Andras & Oscar’s music, most of which is improvised.

“A lot of it happens in call and response, or on the spot,” says Wilson, “That’s when we make the best music.”

Despite claiming he’s never felt quite comfortable within either the dance music or band worlds, it’s clear that both have warmly accepted Wilson’s output through Andras & Oscar, and what better proof than being selected to appear on Cut Copy’s recent compilation Oceans Apart; a comprehensive who’s who of Melbourne’s underground dance music scene.

“I actually used to think that dance music was for dumb people,” says Wilson, “But it’s fun being dumb, I’ve realised.”

“Although I think I have a really skewed perception of what is dance music – the most clubby songs I’ve written always get put on Best-of-Chill-Out-Ibiza-type compilations.”

This interview can be found on Broadsheet.

G R E E N – C U P


The latest craze to pop up on Melbourne’s iconic Chapel Street, is Green Cup. Their specialty, green smoothies, superfood smoothies, superfood snacks, acai bowls and avo smash. You can find them at 593 Chapel St, South Yarra. 

@green.cupScreen shot 2014-12-08 at 6.35.47 PM

S U N – C I T Y

Today’s Tuesday Track is supported by Perth duo Sun City. The pair are back with their trademark indie-electro beats, and their latest release Paralyse. It’s the first taste of an upcoming EP release – due early 2015, which we’ll be getting a taste of when the duo play a bunch of shows on dancefloors and beaches around the country.


The newest addition to the Astral People family is Basenji, a producer who thrives in the middle ground between niche genres. With only a few songs to his name thus far, the Sydney-sider’s homemade blend of eclectic percussion and R&B-inspired melodies has already turned heads all over Australia, clocking up countless plays on Triple J and community radio stations around the country. The 21-year-old producer had a chat with us as our Monday Muse.

  1. How did Basenji come about?

I’ve been interested and working with music since I was maybe fourteen or fifteen, I think in the past year or so I started to take it seriously and treat it more than a hobby, and now I’m basically working full time with it.


  1. What were you doing before you created/began producing as Basenji?

I was making music with Wave Racer. That was something we did coming out of high school and while we were at university. We met each other in year seven and we’ve always been interested in the same things so it made sense to work together.


  1. You’ve been known to thrive in the middle ground between niche genres, which genres are your favourite to work with?

I don’t really think about genres at all. Genres exist to make things easier so you get a better idea of music. I really ever work towards genres and I feel like songs targeted towards genres aren’t really songs I’m interested in. it more about how soundscapes and textures work together, those are things that I’m more interested in.


  1. You’ve been announced to take the stage at this year’s Beyond the Valley festival, what can we expect to see during your set?

For me it’s a while away so I haven’t even thought about the songs I’ll be playing. Usually when I play a set I try to do a good balance between the songs people like with songs that they might not have heard yet. For me I’ll be putting a lot of my own music off the EP and stuff that no ones heard, which makes me a little nervous.


  1. Your talent has been described as colourful and chaotic brand of songwriting, would you agree with this statement?

Yeah I suppose, I’ve always considered a lot of my tracks to be quite busy. I guess colourful is the right word.


  1. You’re best buds with the likes of Wave Racer and some of the Cosmo’s Midnight guys, can we see any upcoming collaborations between you?

We have a whole lot of stuff we’ve been working on together. The hard thing is just finding the time to finish it off. We’ll continue working together though.


  1. You’ve recently becoming the newest addition to the Astral People family, how did that come about? Have you always wanted to work with them?

Yeah, they’re the best. I’ve met them a while before they started managing me. I remember when I first heard of them at a party, I kinda already became attached to them because they were kinda dealing with artists that I never thought id see in Sydney and that I always thought was a really nice quality. That I think what got me really interested in what they were doing.


  1. What can we see from Basenji in 2015?

There will be an EP hopefully at the start of the year. There will also be a few tours but everything is still up in the air.


  1. You’re a fresh young talent on the Australian electronic music scene; can you suggest any upcoming artists you’re into right now?

I’ve been listening to the Taylor Swift album right now, but I don’t wanna say that. I’ve been listening to a lot of stuff, there’s a dude called Murlo, he just released an EP called Into Mist. The music video’s just been released online and it’s already about to blow up on the music scene.





Electronic chillwave sounds to get your Sunday sessions started take a listen to Tora. Gracing your ears from the coastal town of Byron Bay, Tora is derived from the Greek word ‘τώρα’ meaning now. The concept of Tora was conceived in the later months of 2012 and came together as a 5 piece act in early May 2013. Their beautifully chilled beats are perfect for your sunny Sunday. Enjoy.


Vejer de la Frontera, a Spanish town in the province of Cadiz. Andalusia, perches on a hilltop, overlooking a stretch of water connecting the Atlantic to the Mediterranean. Here, the white stone buildings and soft skies blend into one as birds fly low out to the surrounding valleys, dotted with farmland, orange groves and orchards.

Photos by Kate Holstein of Cereal magazine.

Landscape1 Landscape2 Landscape3 portrait1 portrait2 portrait3 portrait4 portrait5 portrait6 portrait7 portrait8 portrait9 portrait10

O A K S – D A Y – S T R E E T – S T Y L E

Crown Oaks Day is better know as ‘ladies day’. A day for sorbet pastels and pretty hues. Here are the street style looks from this years Oaks Day at Flemington Racecourse.

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