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H A Y D E N – J A M E S

Hayden James may have only released his first track in late June 2013, but he has already amassed a million plays across Soundcloud and Youtube for his work.  Producing immense summer jams with soulful and evocative vocals his music has stockpiled consistently rave reviews from the US, Europe and Australia alike, being labelled the “face of the new Australian production music scene”.   Hayden’s first single “Permission to Love” garnered worldwide love and attention hitting #1 most blogged on Hype Machine, as well as becoming the most played track on national broadcasting giant Triple J in Australia. The recent release of his latest track “Something About You” through electronic label Future Classic, is a definite summer playlist hit.

M S F W # 5

From playful pastel crop tops to abstract floral and pop prints; to cut-out detailing and sculptural pieces made with textured fabrics – perforated neoprene, woven leather and cork – Melbourne Spring Fashion Week Runway Two showcased the latest contemporary spring and summer looks from Australian designers.

Carly Hunter, YB J’AIME, Alice McCall, LIFEwithBIRD, Neo Dia, Kahlo, Manning Cartell, LUI HON and Willow took to the runway, while poet (and one half of the talent behind Flume) Jezzabell Doran recited her beautiful spring-inspired words between shows.

The Love Kevin Murphy team created an incredible underwater look and Mecca Cosmetica complimented with a radiating sheen while making impact with dark lips and bold brows.


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Photos: Lucas Dawson Photography 2014

M S F W # 1

On Friday night the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week launched the extraordinary 2014 program with the MSFW: Opening Night Shop-Hop. This one-night-only shopping event invited Melburnians to embrace the thriving retail stores that make our city Australia’s fashion capital.

Little Bourke was transformed in to an urban runway, exciting events and live entertainment was enjoyed across the city and shoppers made the most of the exclusive offers as MSFW: Opening Night Shop-Hop, while major partner and newly launched Emporium Melbourne came alive.





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Photos: Kristian Dowling 2014



With the winter months well on their way, it’s no doubt hard to stay fit and motivated. We had a chat with Australia’s Leading Female Trainer, Rachel Guy, to find out the best ways to stay motivated and in shape during the winter chill.


During the winter months how do you keep yourself motivated to stay fit?

Motivation is internal. I also spend time with like-minded people and ensure I still see my trainer every week so I don’t deviate off the path! My membership site was purposely build to keep people ON TRACK year round which eventually becomes a lifestyle.


Where are the best places to train during winter?

Well regardless of the time of year, my preference is always lifting weights so in the gym!


What are your favourite fitness exercises at the moment?

Deadlifting, Dumbell Shoulder Pressing and Sprinting


How often would you recommend training for those of us working full time? Is it better to train before or after a long day of work?

40-50mins of solid work is more than enough if you are lifting weights. 20mins if you are doing interval training. Most people spend too long in the gym doing exercises or training inefficiently.


Can you share some exercises that people can easily do at home without being exposed to the winter chill?

I have a whole body weight training e-book on this but to pick my top 3 exercises I would say Squatting, Push Ups and Glute Bridges.


What are your three favourite workout tracks?

Hardest question ever! Depends on my mood. My favorites on my current playlist are Disturbed – Down with the Sickness, Marilyn Manson – This is the New Shit and Atreyu – Honor


What is the best way to recover from a day of hard training?

A good re-feed and sleep. Most trainees underestimate the importance of massage and recovery methods. A good sports massage is not pleasant!


During winter what are some of your preferred meals that still keep you feeling healthy and energized?

I love bone broths and a good old fashioned chicken soup! Also a massive fan of slow cooking. I often do lamb shanks or osso bucco.


What are your favourite brands to workout in?

Be An Athlete (BAA) or Under Armour.


Finally for those looking to get back to the gym, what benefits can they begin to see in their bodies with regular exercise?

I could write a book on this but here is a list of the top 10 benefits:

1)   Drop Body Fat

2)   Build Muscle

3)   Better Sex

4)   More Energy

5)   Feel better in themselves

6)   Make better food choices

7)   Improved Sleep

8)   Improved overall wellness

9)   Less injury prone with increased strength

10)  Improved self confidence




Groovin the Moo Bendigo went off with a bang over the weekend! Here’s a photo re-cap of the crazy festivities down in B-town.

















Images courtesy of Faster Louder.

R B M A – 1

Uncovering upcoming artists and bands, as well as niche brands and events has always been an aim for All I’ve Heard. So it’s no surprise that we’re such supporters of the Red Bull Music Academy (RBMA). The Red Bull Music Academy is a series of music workshops and festivals, traveling across the globe whilst providing a platform for those making a difference in the modern music scene.

The Australian leg of the RBMA has seen a Red Bull hosted stage at last years Splendour In The Grass, while their monthly club nights have seen the likes of De La Soul, James Pants, Daedelus and Exile on Australian shores. Continuing its monthly club nights into April will see the Australian debut of Seven Davis Jr,  a future soul veteran who has spent much of his career behind the scenes and out of the spotlight.

Known as Seven, he’s been active across the music industry for the last 15 years. The California-based all-rounder has focused on his writing and recording, whilst anonymously assisting other artists with their own careers. Seven’s music has now found its way into the hands of Kutmah. In July 2013 his track Thanks was featured on Kutmah’s Worldwide Family Vol. 2 compilation for Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood Recordings. The gospel-trained singer’s momentum has built from there, with his current fusion of R&B, funk and house.

After taking Europe by storm, Australia is next on the cards thanks to the RBMA. You can catch him at the Goodgod Small Club in Sydney on Thursday the 10th April with supports from Cassius Select, EdSeven (Lioness) and Forty Love (Post). Then on Saturday the 12th of  April at Melbourne’s Boney, supported by the likes of Australia’s RBMA NYC 2013 participant Julien Love, Funk Bast*rd (Darker Than Wax) and Harvey Sutherland.

Keep in mind all the RBMA club night events are free on a first come first serve basis, so RSVP’s are essential! So you’d best click the link below and get in early!


Thursday 10th April:
Goodgod, Sydney, 8pm Seven Davis Jr + Cassius Select + Edseven (Lioness) + Forty Love (Post)

Saturday 12th April:
Boney, Melbourne, 9pm Seven Davis Jr + Julien Love + Funk Bast*rd (Darker Than Wax) + Harvey Sutherland (Live)

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Singer, songwriter, radio and TV personality Ella Hooper has announced a national tour to celebrate her single, Low High’, which is set appear on her forthcoming debut solo album, In Tongues.  We got to have a chat with her about all things Low and High.


1.Your latest single ‘Low High’ was produced and recorded by Jan Skubizewski, who has also worked with the likes of Owl Eyes and Illy, what was it like working with him?


Jan and I have been friends for a long time and we’d often spoken about working together one day, then the time finally came when I wrote this batch of songs.. I really wanted someone to push me out of my comfort zone and to help me realize my vision for this new dark spiky smoky retro meets contemporary kind of approach, and Jan was the perfect guy for that.


2. What response have you received for your latest single ‘Low High’ are your fans liking it?


Yeah, we sold out our 1st show in Sydney which is nice. So they’re seemingly pleased and intrigued, and apparently they’re looking forward to hearing more, which is awesome. That’s right where I want them. More is coming soon!


3. ‘In Tongues’ is your forthcoming debut solo album, was it both nerve racking and exciting producing something as a solo artist?


Definitely. Lots of sleepless nights, but then again I’m a part time insomniac, so I’m used to that! It’s a lot more rewarding but a lot more work, and a lot more pressure. Having your name on the masthead so to speak, well it makes you really consider every little detail as a part of yourself. It’s just a story I’m telling, this album, but it’s personal and I want it to come across correctly, as I envisaged.


4. In your opinion what are the perks of releasing an album as a solo artist as opposed to being part of a band?


Autonomy, though of course there’s still lots of collaborative elements, like production and artwork. But generally, the buck stops with me. Whereas in bands I tend to like democracies, wher everyone gets a say, it make a band a free happy place to be. But it’s also exciting and liberating to hire a different muso every day, have them come in and tell them what to do, then they leave offering up no opinions, only their talents for me to enjoy and work into my vision. I’ll definitely be doing it again. But I’ll also join or create a band again too. For sure. I really love both modes.


5. Despite not only being a TV and radio personality you also produce great music, will that always be part of your life regardless of what you’re doing?


BIG YES. Most definitely.  (I hope to one day become a ‘renaissance woman’ and do it all, all at once.. haha)


6. You are set to go on tour across Australia in the next few months, what is the best and worst thing about being on tour?


The best is the energetic and psychic release of a good ‘locked in the zone’ gig. When they’re good, gigs are the best part of the job. Also meeting wonderful new people, I love that.  The worst is not knowing where to get a good (I mean Melbourne good) soy flat white at 8 in the morning after going to bed at 4 in the morning. And grumpy, deaf sound guys. Ughh. Cheer up a bit and turn it down a bit, you bastards. ;)


7. Where on tour are you most excited to play or revisit?


I don’t have a favorite, but I always love going to WA. The vibes are good and the fans are awesome to catch up with there. But, then, Adelaide has the best op shops.


8. You’ve recently been announced as a team captain on the 2014 return of Spicks & Specks, have you always been a fan of the quiz show?


Huge fan. Obsessive. It’s surreal to now be a part of it every week. Surreal in a very excellent, exciting way.


9. Whilst co-hosting ‘The Aus Top 20’ radio show what have been your most memorable moments?


This might sound a bit sappy, but the friendship I have struck up with Benny Wasley, my co-host who has pretty much taught me everything, is the best, most special thing. We are the best of friends and I always look forward to spending my Wednesdays laughing and causing a ruckus with him. Oh and meeting and supporting all the great Australian talent that comes through, that’s great too..


10. In three words how would you describe your debut solo album, ‘In Tongues’?


Personal. Pop. Phoenix. (three ‘P’s.. how about that..)



Paranoia, Ghosts & Other Sounds is the latest single from Australian trio Safia. The track is a clever fusionof both digital soul and low slung R&B. Layered glitchy synths soft mellow vocals. With the incorporation of tech processed vocals and a choir like instrumentation, the track demonstrates Safia’s skill in keeping things vibrant and polished. Here is the track, available for a free download on their Soundcloud page now.

V A M F F # 2

Day two of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival saw snap-backs and Beyonce tunes in runway one, presented by Miss Vogue. Runway two was all things structured and feminine presented by InStyle Australia. Here are our top picks.

Images by Lucas Dawson Photography.


Life Is Art, Sculpt It.

The product of two Sydney sisters, Serpent & the Swan is a label inspired by a shared childhood love of the animal kingdom and a dark and morbid fascination with the anatomy of creatures and their mystical incarnations. The label has just launched their custimisable basics range, Sculpt It. The collection pays special attention to cuts lines and shapes, making it subtle yet visually striking.

The Sculpt It collection is a unisex basics range made with premium fabrics to compliment each garment. The collection focouses on giving consumers the ability to create a unique garment with the Serpent & the Swan’s hallmark trimmings. Their organic bamboo jersey t-shirts, washed linen shirts and 100% wool knitted sweaters cardigans and scarves are customisable with unique buttons, toggles, leather pockets and trimmings, horses, wolves skulls, bones, chains and zips. This hallmark of the Serpent & the Swan collection adds to the unique aesthetic of each garment.

 6 with nip

Step 1: Select from Serpent & the Swan’s range of high-quality unisex basics.

Step 2: Select from a variety of handmade trimmings to adorn the garment with.

Step 3: One the creation has been purchased, Serpent & the Swan will sculpt the order to your specifications and mail it out.

Sculpt It is available online now at www.serpentandtheswan.com