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Producing music since his late teens, Michael Dodman better known as Huxley, is returning to our shores for an Anzac Day Eve celebration at the Prince Bandroom in St Kilda.

Huxley’s initial underground success as a garage producer over his careers has now evolved into a deeper house based sound. His bass-led strain of familiar house music remixes and releases are notorious for sending mega dance vibes throughout critics, fans and the like. Hugely in demand and kind of a big deal, Huxley ‘s versatility as an artist and producer is sentiment to his renowned success.

With a DJ set that spans genres of house, garage, techno and beyond, Huxley’s Anzac Day Eve set at the Prince Bandroom is not to be missed. Loud Entertainment and Ugenious Music, are proud to present the DJ dynamo to our local Prince Bandroom and welcome his return to Australia.

The event will kick off with support DJs on the Prince balcony from 6PM with a complimentary gourmet BBQ by celebrity clubbing chef Nick Young. Local supports across the night will include the likes of Jack Love, Not Applicable, 2DotZero, Jacob Malmo and Daniel Bentley.

It’s no doubt going to be an epic night, so be sure to RSVP to the Facebook event and grab your tickets now!


Catch Huxley at the Prince Bandroom – Thursday 24th April 2014.

29 Fitzroy St, St Kilda VIC 3182

03 9536 1168




Bipolar Sunshine is based on a surreal world where anything is possible, the stranger the better as long as it’s done with an artistic approach. A Home for the defeated romantic, the passionately curious but in the mist of all still can see the bright side to everything.


Introducing Tincture. The hottest thing to come out of Brisbane, since international supermodel Catherine McNeil, this 23 year-old musician and producer who’s real name is Luke Dalton, has mastered the craft of electronic production. His forthcoming EP Tryst combines lush synths and sharp percussion’s. Making use of his electronic craft, Tincture creates a series of smooth-garage inflected remixes and bootlegs which have quickly garnered positive responses from both local and international critics.

In particular this forthcoming EP Tryst, focuses on the addition of live vocals and wider instrumentation pushing Tincture‘s sound in a refreshing new direction.

“A compilation of noisy synths and skittering percussion complement breathy, reverb laden vocals hooks; a knowing nod in the direction of both nineties era dream-pop and the new wave of genre-blurring bedroom producers emerging from around the globe.” Triple J Unearthed.


Screen shot 2014-01-06 at 12.07.15 PMSo you’ve no doubt heard of Triangl Swimwear. That super hot swimwear range, promoted by those super hot girls. Ye, well as if their 400, 000 plus followers on Instagram were not enough they have decided to launch a Triangl underwear line. Not complaints there I’m sure. Set to launch in Australia in a matter of days, women as well as men across the country are buzzing from excitement. With even more styles and beauties to add to their already growing reputation, Triangl’s underwear line will no doubt follow in its sister swimwear line’s footsteps. Below is a sneak peak of the line courtesy of the Triangl Swimwear Facebook page. Cue drooling and body envy now!

The ‘Isabel’ Underwear Set in Spearmint Micro Mesh

The ‘Lucie’ Underwear Set in Candy Pink Micro Mesh

The ‘Isabel’ Underwear Set in Licorice Micro Mesh


Gossling, Harvest of Gold

Helen Croome is Gossling. She hails from country Victoria and has that distinctively sweet sound, which we’re all familiar with.

Her style is both distinctive and alluring, making for an intriguing listen. Gossling’s songwriting is a mix between of heart-felt lyrics and memorable melodies.

Her debut album, Harvest of Gold, is a catchy collection of pop tunes demonstrating a progression from those signature folk roots. This album has a more influential electronic and disco vibe. A brew of rhythmic celebrations, this full length release is  evidence of Gossling’s growth as an artist.

The album is pure in its simplicity, but manages to reach new heights of experimentative bliss. Gossling’s art of storytelling mixes in with symphonic beauty and leaves you tenderly enlightened. An overly pleasing album, a harvester of its own gold if you will.

Hande Cerkez.

K-Pop or K-Flop

It is obvious to see how social media has taken over and completely changed the music scene. From sharing customized playlists and discovering new bands and musicians to promoting artists and their pages alike, the world of music has truly become a richer more meaningful experience for all. It has given artists the ability to expose themselves to new opportunities as well as allowing fans to discover brand new un-heard music. But with such a heavy reliance upon audiences, has the music scene become a popularity contest driven by fan followings, re-blogs and likes rather than pure musical talent?

The recent world domination of YouTube K-Pop sensation PSY has prompted me to write this post. After a parody YouTube video going viral through online views, likes, re-blogs and online sharing the Korean pop star has given himself international status and reckoning. Lacking in talent, it seems that the entire Gangnam Style phenomenon is a walking Internet meme that will inevitably past until another YouTube hit comes along to take its place. But for now PSY is greeted by hundreds of screaming fans at airports, is playing sold out concerts around the world and has a number of talk show guest appearances. Basically as a one hit wonder, this Internet sensation is receiving worldwide reckoning that any talented musician would die for. Although rather than his own efforts, the popularity of the Gangnam Style phenomenon was purely achieved by his many followers and the influences of social media upon our lives.

It seems, as through the success of PSY’s global status has nothing to do with his talents, or lack thereof. The popularity and accessibility of Social media has played a major role in the Gangnam Style phenomenon going viral and reaching number one on pop charts around the world. Popular social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Goolge+ have undoubtedly altered and improved music for the better. When a mass of people begin to take an interest in one YouTube video, it does not necessarily constitute talent. In this instance it seems without the aid of popular social networking mediums PYS’s world wide popularity would have been compromised.

Foreign technology, or so they say.

Writing and reading is a form of technology, which has become impeded into our everyday lives as something we consider as natural. We do not necessarily think of these activities as inventions, generated throughout history, but as routine tasks, which we automatically carry out within our lives. Although we may find it difficult to consider writing to be a technology as we commonly categorize printing and computing to be, as a learned skill making use of tools and equipment it indeed is. Just as writing is a form of technology, which has become internalized into our society, so to is the computer. As Plato voices his objections against writing, these views are commonly used against computers within the modern era.

“Writing is inhuman, pretending to establish outside the mind what in reality can only be in the mind. Writing is simply a thing, something to be manipulated, something inhuman, artificial, a manufactured product” (Plato, Phaedrus).

With the advancement of technology and the dependence upon computers, they are often criticized as being artificial gadgets, foreign to human life. If this is the case, that computers are foreign to human life, how then is it possible for them to have become completely implemented into every aspect of our lives? As human beings we are adaptable creatures. We adapt and change ourselves to suit the environment around us. In this modern era technology is an essential part of our environment, and in order to continue living within this environment it is paramount that we adapt to the changing forms of technology. As a result of this adaptation technology is now a vital component of human life, much like reading and writing.

Regardless of it initially being a foreign component of our lives, technology is now a crucial component in which we rely upon not only for work and education but also for entertainment, news, to socialize and for music. Just like every other component of our lives, technology has had a major impact upon the way in which we listen, produce, compose and share music. The introduction of music devices such as iPods and iTunes has made music portable and individual. In particular, programs such as and similar to garage band allowed everyday individuals to compose sonatas and lyrical concoctions. Which can then be easily shared with the cyber world via YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. As for music fans, sites such as SoundCloud and Spotify have allowed them to engage with and discover music on a more personal level. This convenience of technology has allowed for endless opportunities for musicians, composers, songwriters and fans.

Despite arguments of technology being foreign to human life, it has inevitably become part of our lives. Technology has not only allowed for music to become more accessible and dynamic, but it has also allowed for music fans to share, comment and interact with their favourite music more than ever before. With the aid of technology I have been able to write this blog whilst simultaneously listening to music, and also managing to download a new album all at the same time. Regardless of previously covered arguments, technology has fuelled my music consumption all the more and I am not at all complaining.

Hande Cerkez