Opossom, Electric Hawaii

New Zealand’s Opossom seem to have us all in a bit of a delightful conundrum when it comes to the their debut album, Electric Hawaii. Is it soft rock, post-punk, experimental indie or heavy soul psych? Well fans it’s neither. Opossom have managed to blend these elements and produce their very own genre to accompany this sweet debut. The vocals are somewhat reminiscent to the likes of a 50s boy band, but with subtle hints of electric synth beats we’re brought back to the present with a modern day catchy album. With just a sip of this psychedelic pop/ rock infused concoction of reverbed vocals and electric grooves you’re put into a trippy mind-altering trance. Such so, that you should avoid driving whilst listening to the ‘Inhaler song’. A 40 second interlude of scattershot calamity will have you questioning the functionality of your music device, until of course you realize it was Opossom all along. Despite the awkward lull, the lo-fi sonic vocals and synth pop beats are cohesively arranged to sooth your ears but upbeat enough to make your body want to dance awkwardly. Opossom’s non-stop grooves and infectious pop hooks make it a power charged winner.

Hande Cerkez.

This album review was published in Ferrago, edition 5 2012.


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