Friends at the Corner Hotel 24/07/12

What’s better than seeing your favourite band live? Getting to meet that favourite band, surely. Such was the case when five-piece band from Brooklyn, Friends, played their Splendour in the Grass sideshow at Melbourne’s Corner Hotel last Tuesday night. Dropping beats from their first debut album ‘Manifest’, the band had the crowd grooving endlessly to their sweet melodics. Lead singer Samantha Urbani’s hypnotic vocal talents as well as her down to earth persona, provided a warmth and familiarity amongst the setting of the Corner Hotel. Popular hits from their album such as ‘I’m his girl’ and ‘Friend crush’ were a definite crowd pleaser and had us all showing off our dancing moves. Not only were fans witness to lead vocalist Sam jumping into the crowd and having a boogie with them, but they were also given the privilege of getting up on stage during the bands final song ‘Va Fan Gör Du’. Not one to stray away from the opportunity, of course my friends and I were up on stage feeling a tad superior looking out onto the remainder of the crowd in the mosh. Feeling the contempt with such a great gig, we made our way to the toilets as the remainder of fans emptied the Corner Hotel each making their way home. It wasn’t until we’d left the toilets into an empty Corner Hotel, that we’d noticed Samantha, the lead singer herself chatting to some fans. Defying all our expectations of the night, the chance to meet and take a photo with Sam was soon to become a reality. It indeed was a perfect photo opportunity and a chance to congratulate the band on their mind-blowing performance. Being able to chat with such a lovely musician made me all the more a devoted Friends fan and made for such a great ending to such a great gig.

Hande Cerkez


2 thoughts on “Friends at the Corner Hotel 24/07/12

  1. Awh that’s so awesome to meet people from Friends! I just saw Django Django down at the Corner recently, although I wish I knew about the Friends gig, because they would have been so cool to hear live. The Corner must be the place to speak to bands after the gigs finished, because I got to talk to one of the guys from Grouplove, which was pretty cool 🙂 You’re so lucky! 😀

    1. Friends were so good live! They really got the entire crowd dancing. I think because The Corner Hotel is such a small venue, the gigs are always pretty intimate. I can wait to see Django Django, hopefully I’ll get to see them at falls 🙂

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