A is for Alpine

Sweet, calm, blissful melodies. All that is of the new Alpine album, A is for Alpine. The dual vocals of front women Phoebe Baker and Lou James prove to be a gifted asset to the album and all its brilliance. The six-piece ensemble came to the delightful attention of our ears in 2010 with the release of their debut EP Zurich, and now with the release of their first album Alpine is sure to have us all once again enamored with their pure hypnotic talents. Fusing synths with honeyed harmonies, spellbinding rhythms and bright beats, ‘A for Alpine’ is indeed an A+ of fine musical craftsmanship. A collection of twelve vibrant songs that shimmer and shine with colourful harmonies and inventive melodies are infectious upon your senses. Of these ballads ‘Gasoline’ and ‘Villages’ represent the compelling synth element of the album, whereas ‘Softsides’ and especially ‘Lovers 1 & 2’ are a mellifluous fusion of sweet harmonies and vocal artistry. The alluring charm of their melodies, have me feeling at ease surrounded by an Alpine enchanted polyphony. My senses look forward to consuming many more euphoric Alpine harmonies.

Hande Cerkez


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