High Highs

High Highs- Once Around the House

One of a few songs that entirely captures you form the first lyric, and continues to captivate you throughout. Once Around the House by High Highs is a blissful song that does just that. With lengthy vocals and sweet melodies, the combination of both will entice your ears and urge you to listen to its beauty over and over again. This is song that will actually have you listening to the deeper meaning of the lyrics and allow you to appreciate its alluring charm. Accompanied by a mysterious yet fascinating video, which complements the song perfectly. Dark, aged footage of seaside scenery and bush land just after dusk, show a young girl in her endeavor to follow a trail of beautifully lit Christmas lights. As the trail continues into the ocean, the girl jumps in, ending the video with a stunning, yet mystifying conclusion. Leaving viewers unaware of what was present beneath the sea, partners with the beauty and animosity of the music superbly. β€œI wonder if you sat down and tried not to worry,” repeated charmingly throughout the song has listeners in awe at the simple possibility of just taking a break and leaving everything behind. The allure of this beautiful melody as well as its equally mesmerizing video footage, invites listeners to do just that.

Hande Cerkez.

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One thought on “High Highs

  1. Hande, great post. I was absolutely captivated by both the video and the song, and your description was astute and eloquent. Do continue to expose us, your readers, to such music!
    – Nadia

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