Julia and the deep sea sirens, Little Surprises

This song speaks a sincere truth. About a feeling we’ve all felt at one point in time. It’s that feeling of surprise and uncertainty we get from a new relationship. Where we begin to question how deserving we are. How are you mine? How are you in love with me? A beautiful feeling of unknown new love, the melody captures this exact emotion perfectly and leaves a fuzzy loving feeling within our abdomen.

Little Surprises, a title which truly does justice to the song itself. A combination of mesmerizing vocals and beautiful lyrics, this melody captivates listeners and has them in awe right until the last note. Band front woman and vocalist ‘Julia’ Johnson, knows exactly how to use her talents and as such gives the song a warm and pleasant vibe. Based on the perfection of the first single form this Canberra based art folk band, I’m sure we can expect tunes of similar caliber in the much near future.

A beauty in and of itself, this song is one that you won’t want to end. It’s a pretty compilation that will have you pressing repeat over and over again. Enjoy.

Hande Cerkez.

This review was also published on Adamnoteve 


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