Gypsy & The Cat, The Late Blue

The second debut album from Melbourne band Gypsy & The Cat is soft pop at its most sublime. The Late Blue is a collection of swoon-inducing weightless jubilation. Whilst listening to this album, prepare to be infected with an untamable groove that just makes you feel exhilarated within.

In a recent interview with LUNA, band members Lionel Towers and Xavier Bacash described The Late Blue as having more of an emphasis on a live performance, with a prominent drum presence throughout. No doubt the result is bliss and audiences will be impressed.

As track after track bursts into life, the whole album just makes you want to move and relish in the moment. Each track on the compilation creates a different feeling of euphoria within your senses, but they still manage to intrinsically link to one another. Chilled-out beats, jungle drums, feisty bass lines and sweet endless vocals are prominent throughout this vibrant cohesive record.

Bloom is the epitome of this album. With driving drumbeats, dirty baselines and divine harmonies, the result is a concoction of bliss. Catchy synth beats are scattered throughout taking you through an aura of psychedelic dreams.

The use of harmonious vocals, as we’ve come to expect of the Gypsy & The Cat duo is no exception with this second album. The record leaves listeners feeling peaceful and happy. A perfect antidote to all the drama in our lives. Gypsy & The Cat have managed to stray away from second album syndrome and have produced an elation of soothing jams.

Hande Cerkez.



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