FLUME Interview

1. How’s your day been so far?

It’s been pretty great so far I’ve just been at the beach getting some interviews done

2. Recently you toured for the Parklife festival, which was your first official tour, how was it for you?

It was great, We had a great response. It was great to see support from all around Australia.

3. At the Melbourne Parklife, It was one of the coldest days in October; did you get rained on when you were playing?

Ye we had to move the set back a few time but it was great to see everyone getting into it with their ponchos on.

4. Recently you came back from LA doing a couple of US shows, how does it feel, is it a bit surreal knowing you have such a big fan base over there as well as in Australia?

We’re always stoked to see fans from over the other side of the world coming down to the shows. We played at two places in LA, which was really dope, and we also played about nine showcases in New York, which was really cool.

5. Recently featured on the Rolling Stones magazine, did that make your inner child smile?

Ye it was cool, I’m not sure if I’m supposed to say anything yet but we got an album review back from the Rolling Stones which we’ve done really well on. So that awesome news.

6. How do you think 2012 has been for you, you’ve obviously achieved a lot of things, was it what you expected?

It’s all really rocketed off real fast, its pretty surreal. It was only really doing Splendor and Parklife that I realized and saw thousands of people singing to my tunes, that I saw how big things had gotten. 2012 has been a dope year. 2012 has been a year of breaking through and getting noticed. I think 2013 will be more about showcasing my music. It’s been great.

7. Is there anything else that we can expect from FLUME in 2013?

We’re going to be putting a lot of time and energy into the live shows to get them really happening, with lights and things like that.

8. Sleepless and your remix of Hemitude’s Hyperparadise have become club banngers all around Australia, can we confirm that you’ve pretty much taken over Australia and the world soon enough?

It’s been overwhelming. I was actually doing Valley Fiesta in Brisbane and I went to Oh Hello to drop by for a few drinks and in the space of an hour I heard about three of my songs, so it was pretty mind blowing.

9. How did it feel supporting Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs in Sydney?

That was dope, I’m a big fan of his music. It was a really cool gig. It was cool to have that approval and meet them because TEED is a really big influence of mine.

10. Is it true that a security guard tackled you when you crowd surfed at the gig?

Yep. I was crowd surfing, then the security guard grabbed me and threw me off stage and I managed to collide with a metal pole. I’m alright now though. I’m not angry at the security guard or anything, it was just unfortunate that I collided with a metal pole.

11. If FLUME were a juice/smoothie what would you have in it?

Definitely some purple stuff, blueberries, some banana in there and something summery like watermelon and a bit of orange juice. I think that would go down quite nicely.

12. If you could be ay animal what could you be?

Well my ex girlfriend said I look like a camel from the side, so I’ll go with that.

13. So you’re going to be part of the laneway lineup early next year, who are you most excited to play alongside with?

Shlohmo, he’s just one of those artists where I have 15 track of his that I absolutely love. He’s just awesome and doing really interesting and unique stuff.

14. Finally, I’m sure all of your female fans are dying to know are you currently seeing anyone?

No I’m single. Single and ready to mingle.

This Interview can be found on: adamnoteve


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