Alpine Interview


1. Hey Lou how is everything going?

Everything’s good. I’m just a little tired this morning, so I’m drinking my coffee to try and wake up ASAP.

2. Where are you at the moment?

Just at home in Melbourne, chilling in my lounge room.

3. What’s been new since the release of your debut album, A is for Alpine?

A few things, we’ve signed a US deal with a label and we’re releasing an album with them next year, which we’re over the moon about. We’re on tour with Lisa Mitchell at the moment and we’ve just been announced to be playing Laneway festival next year, which is really excited. And we’re also doing a music video for our single ‘Seeing Red’. It’s all happening right now.

4. Was releasing the album just as exciting as going on the tours and shows for the album?

Yes of course, its amazing to have an album out let alone have fans buying it and liking it. (then we both sort of went off in a tangent)

5. Out of the album which track is your favorite? Which one makes you happy the most?

That’s really hard because they all make me really happy. I would have t agree with Phoebe, the last song ‘Multiplication’. It’s such a beautiful song and I had looked at the idea of not being able to express yourself, like those frustrating times when you want to say what you really think but you can’t. its all about accepting that, and I find it a really happy song.

6. So you mentioned that you had been added to the Laneway 2013 lineup, for you which artist are you most excited to see?

I think the lineup is incredible. MS MR, Pond, Alt J, Japandroids, Cloud Nothings, The Rubens and pretty much the whole lineup

7. When you’re on tour or festivals are you just as star struck of artists, as they would be of you?

I don’t know if they’d be star stuck by us, but it’s totally intimidating. When there’s a song or artists that you really respect, you think wow they’re amazing. We haven’t been around for that long and I feel like they’re the gurus.

8. In four words how would you describe being part of the Laneway lineup?

Ecstatic, Electric, Energetic, Poptasitc.. I just made that word up. Its poop and fantastic

9. Do you have any new plans for stage costumes, or new releases?

Ye, we are always trying to figure out how two work with two front girls and the group set up. We like to try and go all out. We don’t really know what our style is at them moment, just a bit crazy.

10. Amongst the band do you think there is any prominent girl power/ boy power skew?

We pretty much have a sibling relationship. The boys like to think they’re more in control, but I think us girls are more the divas. Na I’m joking, I don’t know. But Ryan is more the mum of the band, cos he’s more organized and really calm. There’s just a really funny relationship. Because I’m the smallest, I automatically become the littlest.

11. When you’re on tour and always together is there any bickering that goes on?

In the start there was but I think now because we’re always together and we know each other so well, we know how to deal with it. It’s a matter of understanding each other, and we are always having a laugh, its always good.

12. What do you think is the best soundtrack when on tour?

We listen to a whole lot of different stuff. Like Hip Hop, South American Jazz, we never seem to repeat the same music. Our genre is really all over place; we listen to pretty much everything.

13. If you could be any animal what could you be and why?

This is such a hard question; there are so many animals! I think I’d like to be a cheetah, because I like the idea of running and being free. Like is I was in an awkward situation I could just go and run.


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