Van She Interview


1. So recently you guys came back from some shows in Europe, how was that?

Yes, it was great. We also went through the US as well and then did one last show in Colombia and then back home. It ended up being 5 weeks and now we’re back into it, warming up for our sterosonic and field day sets. We’re working on pumping up the set for more of a dance crowd.

2. Who are you most excited to see play from the stereosonic lineup?

Major Laser and Diplo for sure.

3. Are there any artists that you’d possibly like to collaborate with?

M83 would be great and we also might be doing some stuff with the Klaxons soon.

4. ‘Idea of Happiness’ is a really summery and fruity album, do you think it was your four-year absence that brought out the best in your music?

We weren’t writing for the entire length of the time but within the last two years we got our own studio set up and I think having our own space and time gave the album that relaxed sort of vibe. You can really hear in the album.

5. Was there any certain influences behind the album, or was it more down to the fact that you had time to work on it and there was more of a laidback vibe that came through?

That’s definitely the truth. We always wanted an album with a theme we’ve through about it for a while, but it was only recently that a couple of our track have started to have that feel and it came to life so we just stuck with it.

6. On Tuesday you guys did a launch for Logitech Australia and you were playing alongside Benni, how did that go?

That was fun; it was to launch their new inner ears. I love doing shows like that because there’s more of a close nit audience. It just fun to do those smaller gigs sometimes, its more intimate.

7. How has 2012 been so far and what can we expect from Van She in 2013?

2012 has been an interesting year. Being on the road again was definitely different; we’d almost forgotten how fun it could be. It was cool to just get out and play to a crowd, as well as seeing our old fans and meeting new fans as well. In terms of 2013 we’re definitely not be waiting as long as we did last time. We’re hopefully going to push out a new album sometime next year as well as some singles. We’re going to start touring a bit more of a dance set, because we want to do more of a club kind of tour for next year.

8. With your video for ‘Idea of Happiness’ tell us a bit about the protagonist of the video clip. Did you ever get to meet him? He seems like a pretty cool and odd character.

Unfortunately we didn’t get to meet him but this guy is a real life dude. He has this 80s car collection and he goes around to parties and walks around in a g-string, it’s completely him. What we wanted to portray was someone’s idea of happiness, because the album is our idea of happiness. It was definitely one of my favorite videos that we’d ever done.

9. So for your second single in the album you went over to Jamaica to film it, what was that like? Had you ever been to Jamaica previously, was that your first time there?

No that was our first time. I guess if you want to go anywhere it’s a good idea to write a song about it. The song was written about a holiday kind of vibe, but it was so awesome to just go there and have a holiday with a producer and camera crew following us around. It’s a good excuse to go on a holiday for a few days.

10. What are five words that would best describe Van She?

I would say thoughtful, disco, synth, dancey and fun.

11. We know that you already have a song titled Kelly and you have a single about to come out titled Sarah, which do you prefer? Kelly or Sarah?

I have to say they’re both different songs to me, obviously right now I’m leaning more towards Sarah because we haven’t played it as much. Kelly has been around for a log time, she was good to us and we still play her. But for me currently it’s Sarah.

12. Lets say you’re heading off on a summer road trip, what are your three essential must haves?

We have to be in a Rolls Royce, we need some Jamaican rum and we also need a really mad stereo.


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