Nick Pes, I Remember


Reminiscent of the likes of Cut Copy, Van She and Bag Raiders, Nick Pes brings his own unique rendition to the synthpop genre. ‘I Remember’ is the first and latest single from Sydney based musician Nick Pes. With the release of his first debut EP later this year, there is much to expect from the creativity of Nick Pes, which oozes with 80s dance beats and synthpop underlays.

‘I Remember’ is a debut track that will truly have you struggling to forget it from your memory. Repetitive yet catchy lyrics keep listeners hooked on the melody as the synth beats pound through. It’s a lively summery tune with a pounding synth line that will make you want to grab the keys and drive off into the sticky summer horizon.

Beginning his solo journey two years ago, Pes has drawn from a number of influences like 80s dance and 90s pop which are evident throughout his debut single. His work aims to trigger the imagination of his listeners by taking them on a journey, without really knowing where they’re going. Nick’s endeavor into the limitless waters of synth pop is truly welcomed by his listeners. With his use of soft guitars and thumping baselines Nick Pes is undeniably an artists we will make a point of remembering.

Hande Cerkez.



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