High Highs Interview

1. How did it feel releasing your first debut album, Open Season, only just last week?

Yes, it’s a funny feeling because it was almost as if the sense of relief was a few months ago when we had sent the album to press. Now it’s a great feeling just to sit back and enjoy the album for the first time.

2. Open Season is a hypnotic array of melodic bliss, where did you draw your inspiration from whilst writing this album?

Jack and I live in Brooklyn to we see a lot of live music and go to a lot of gigs, so I think a lot of the inspiration came from listening to new music and then just writing a lot of music. When you write lots of music its about trial and error and working out what works and what doesn’t.

3. Each track from the album is in sync with one another and there is an underlying theme throughout, it feels as though you are telling a story and taking your listeners on a journey. Would you agree?

The record is designed to be more of a hypnotic sound, to wash over you and invite you in. We really wanted to mesmerize ourselves with the sound and that was the idea behind a lot of the track, to allow yourself to be lost in it.

4. Once Around the House is a favorite of mine and it has a beautiful video clip to accompany it. Where did the idea for the video clip come from?

Thomas Beug our friend, who also directed the ‘Open Season’ film clip was thinking about this idea for a while and Jack and I and he and a bunch of other friends had been going to this summer house on long island on Newport and we’d been going there all summer. It sort of came about with this idea of this girl following a trail of lights and swimming under water into an oblivion, so it was Thomas’ idea.

5. So you’ve been touring recently for the Laneway Festival how has that been? Exciting, overwhelming?

It’s been really good so far. The Laneway festival feels really comfortable and a bit luxurious really. It’s a change from playing local gigs in New York right around the corner from our places. The last big tour we did was South by Southwest in Austin, which was really hectic and overwhelming, and its great to be back in Australia.

6. Who are you most excited to be hanging out backstage with at the Laneway Festival?

I have been obsessed with the Holy Other record; I’m just totally into Holy other. I’ve also been listening to the Bat for Lashes record, which is so beautiful. But Holly Other is kind of like my idol at the moment, I just love the exquisite sound.

7. What is your best advice for surviving summer festivals?

Well personally doing some hard-core cardio in the morning, lots of water and don’t eat too much during the day. Have a great time and just go with the flow.

8. What is your pet peeve at festivals? What do you hate the most?

Maybe like the lack of toilets and shade, bad food. I hate bad food at festivals, but I’m sure the food will be great here.

9. If you could be any season which would you be and why?

I would be spring or autumn. I like both equally as much, but maybe autumn because it’s so electrifyingly beautiful. Especially the colours of all the trees and the anticipation of a deep winter ahead. It’s visually stunning.

10. Where did the name High Highs originate from?

Its actually a Viva Voce song and Jacks dad randomly heard it on the radio and said to Jack it would be a great band name, and we both liked it so it just stuck.

11. Starting off 2013 on full throttle, what can we expect from the High Highs for the remainder of 2013?

We’re going to go back to the states and do South by Southwest and some more east coast shows, then maybe another trip to the UK. We’ll also be writing and working on our second album and we’re excited to keep working on that. Maybe do another clip or two, and just write more music, that’s the main thing really.

Hande Cerkez.


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