Gold Fields at The Toff in Town

Playing to a packed out crowd at Melbourne’s The Toff in Town, eccentric Ballarat boys Gold Fields had us all dazed by their vibrant tunes and technicolor lights. Fuelling their fans with the heavy base beats they know and love, the energy created by these boys instantly became infectious throughout the crowd. The electronic pop outfit played crowd favorites like ‘Treehouse’ and ‘The Woods’ as well as newbies from their fourth coming debut album ‘Black Sun’, which is to be released in Australia on the 8th of March.

Front man and vocalist Mark Fuller’s devotion to every song lyric was engaging to watch and had all of his fans mouthing each verse, in sync with the beats and one another. The stand out for performances was guitarist Vin Andanar. His emphasis and vitality on each note performed was very cool, and just as contagious to watch. Doing what they do best with their 80s infused electronic dance tunes, the Gold Fields boys had the entire crowd in awe of their talent and performed a pretty impressive gig.

Hande Cerkez.


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