Hiding with Bears, Watchmen


Melbourne indie band Hiding with Bears have released their very first EP titled Watchmen. Consisting of four beautifully crafted tracks, it’s an EP that soothes your inner senses. Drawing inspiration from the likes of The Middle East, Tame Impala and Bon Iver, this EP is essential to any indie fan. Loaded with tranquility and clever lyrics, each track is an endless array of absolute bliss. The title track Watchmen, a favorite of mine, is a perfect antidote to brighten any mood you’re in and complements the entire EP with that underlying theme. Watchmen is a lovely collection of tracks that immediately calms you, lifting your troubles away into nothingness. It’s a sense of nothingness and tranquility that we all long for and by listening to Hiding with Bears, it’s one that we can all achieve.

Check out this review on adamnoteve.

Hande Cerkez.


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