Nantes, Being Being


Sydney outfit, Nantes have delivered us their flawless debut album, Being Being. With a unique sound and a strong electronic base, the album is a brilliant execution of hypnotic synths. Fuelled by captivating vocals and driving bass lines, the distinctive Nantes sound is reminiscent of UK post-punk with their own alternative edge.

Collaborating with the likes of David Rogers, chief songwriter, Jos Eastwood, visual and video director, and the band’s producer Simon Todkill, the final product is a showcase of impressive and upbeat instrumentation. Their use of synths adds a pop element to the track but when coupled with dark vocals, gives the album that unique flare.

Popular tracks such as Drones and Unsatisfy capture the essence of the bands sound. The low-pitched, emotive vocals are classic to the bands identity and have thankfully not been compromised in this album. This brilliantly executed album is to be released on the 15th of March.

Hande Cerkez.


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