James Blake, Overgrown


A collection of melancholies, James Blake’s latest album Overgrown, combines beautiful melodies, glitchy electronica and ghostly piano chords. Demonstrating James Blake’s versatility as an artist, this album works only in fragments and loops, rather than generic sequences.

With the depth of detail, each lyric speaks of love, yearning and loneliness, but the music itself articulates harmony and a coming together. A perfection of scattered skeletal pulses and rhythms, the album takes you into a dream like daze.

Blending the likes of dubstep, hip-hop and house, Blake gives his own reinterpretation and creates a genre completely in and of itself. Collaborating with the likes of Wu Tang’s RZA and Brian Eno, single-note riffs and synth grooves are added to the swirl that is Overgrown.

With a unique palette, Overgrown showcases some of Blake’s greatest abilities as a lyrical composer. His craft as a mature songwriter is evident in each and every track on this album. On reflection, lyrics like “I don’t want to be a star, but a stone on the shore” and “You’re on your own in a world you’ve grown” send listeners into a warm spiral of lyrical genius.

As each track twists you into an emotional state over repetitive drums and synth chords, the act of listening becomes a spiral of melodic mantra. An album that offers a slow sensual development into Blake’s core resonance, Overgrown is fresh breath of sweet melodic air.

Hande Cerkez.


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