Groovin the Moo – Canberra

Despite having to catch two domestic flights at the crack of dawn, one being with Tiger airways ew, because apparently it’s cheaper that way and I’m also a cheap university student, this year’s Groovin the Moo was definitely worth it. Departing my beloved big smoke, along with my half asleep best friend, we made our way on to our nations capital.


The Canberra leg of the festival was not without freshly turned 16-year-olds, onesie wearing farm animals, raving middle aged folk and well dressed genuine music enthusiasts, which I personally think hailed from the city. A festival which unites country folk and city slickers in one music hub, Groovin the Moo was an experience all in itself.

ImageThe festival attracted massive crowds of all walks of life, and dress codes. Yes, unfortunately the attire of Canberra’s Groovin the Moo festival goers was anything but suitable or tasteful. I did mention the onesies right? Regardless of this, it was the music that paved the way. Each genre, each artist, each song had something different to bring to the masses. Each had a different way of enticing me, tantalizing my senses and leaving me in awe.

ImageIt was Alpine and Frightened Rabbit that stole the daytime crowds. Or at least stole my attention. Under a clear blue sky and a warming autumn sun, they played to a sea of patrons all there for only one thing, the atmosphere. Each were a crowd pleaser through their own music, keeping us all on a high for the acts to come.


With baby burgers to devour, silent discos to dance silly to, toilet lines to push into and rides to climb aboard, the day was a rollercoaster. Literally. As the blue skies made way for the dark of night, the sun was replaced but a beaming full moon. Coupled with a cluster of stars, yes stars! We don’t see those very often in the city.


As always, Flumes set was under a big top tent in the Moolin Rouge stage. It was crowded, sweaty, emotions were running high, “we want Flume” chants had begun and those who were unable to go on were being dragged out of the masses. But like every single one of his sets, it was mind blowing, insane and unforgettable.


After making a quick dash over to the other stage to catch the middle of the Kooks set, once hearing Luke Pritchard sweet voice you know that it was well worth it. Despite being metres away from those hot white jeans, their music still manages to put a smile on your dile. Their soft, heart-melting lyrics were coupled with a perfectly timed light show that illuminated the entire space. The beats infected your inner senses and kept you wanting more at its end.


Being the last band to play, The Temper Trap played the perfect ending to the festival. The pounding of their signature heavy base and drums took over the crisp autumn air. Although they performed to a sea of devotees, their music and beautiful lyrics seemed to offer an element of intimacy. Their favorites united the entire crowd as they sang the lyrics in unison at the top of their lungs. It was an ideal finale to a great first timers experience of Groovin the Moo. Hats off to ya Canberra, or should I say onesie hoods off?


Hande Cerkez.


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