Big Scary, Not Art


Melbourne duo, Big Scary have released a teaser for their latest album Not Art. The released single, titled Phil Collins is an eerie yet addictive ballad, tugging at all your senses. As singer Tom Iansek describes the single and song title,

(It’s) a reflection on the artist’s journey. It’s about their search for meaning, and their interpretation and recycling of other’s art to help them make sense of their own.”

 Not Art, will be the bands first release since their Triple J, 2011 J Award nominated album Vacation. With such a success on their previous album, the duo are no doubt on the right track with this latest single.

The single is a dark yet beautiful creation that soothes its way into your awaiting ears. With its lyrics emitting meaning and purity, you can’t help but listen intently. If this single is anything to go by, then the entire album is going to be just as marvelous as Vacation.

With the release of the first track off the album and a sneak peak video teaser of the album, Big Scary cleverly have us all on the edge of our seats in anticipation for the release of the Not Art, set to be released later on this year.

Hande Cerkez.


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