Jagwar Ma – Howlin

A fusion of psychedelic rock and infecting dance beats, Jagwar Ma’s debut album Howlin, takes your senses to a paralleled cosmos of futuristic electronica. The Sydney duo, composed of Gabriel Winterfield and Jono Ma, have already given listeners a taste of their expertise with a string of successful singles like Come Save Me, Man I Need and The Throw, which all feature on their debut album. Making their entire debut album and amplification of their talents as artists.

Howlin is a reinvention of conventional rock ‘n’ roll jabbed with instances of electronic psychedelia. Reminiscent to the sounds of Tame Impala, Jagwar Ma makes use of a heavy bass, layering of synths and vocal beats. With foundations in the electronic genre, the boys have done well to experiment with their music and bring a sensation of warmth to the album.

A feeling of diversity and complexity stands out throughout the album, proving that the overall collaboration between rock ‘n’ roll and dance music has an end result of complete absorption. Howlin is an album that you can easily get lost in. It allows you to let yourself go, off into a dreamy escapade of kaleidoscopic prints and tie-dye undertones. The album is sharp, ultra catchy and ultra modern.

Hande Cerkez.


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