Jinja Safari

The collaboration of ones entire travels presented into one complete uplifting album, Jinja Safari’s self titled debut album is just that. Offering your ears with an array of memories, sights, hooks, and beats, making you feel as though you were right there along side the band.  The self produced and recorded album was pieced together on planes, adding to the authenticity of every sound. The album in its entirety is genuine, allowing its listeners to respond with a genuine sense of cheerfulness.

They Sydney based quintet produce music which draws upon “afropop rhythms and tumbling island guitars” to create an African-inspired “dreamy folk pop, with a melodic richness.” Their signature sounds have often likened them to Sufjan Stevens and Animal Collective.

Known for their energetic live shows the Jinja Safari boys were handpicked for their very first Splendour in the Grass appearance, by triple j’s Unearthed in 2010. Since then, the boys have had three consecutive Splendour in the Grass appearances and have played Big Day Out, Falls and Southbound festivals. With sold out shows not only in Australia but also in New York and London, there is no wonder their self-titled debut album has been so very anticipated.

The African inspired vibes are maintained throughout each track, with the heavy but not overdone use of drumbeats and buoyant synths. The entire album is an inspiration of worldliness and rather than sound tacky, the boys have managed to produce something unique and intriguing. A particular favourite of mine, Dozer, is filled with fresh beats catchy lyrics. The track shows off the bands skilled musicianship while simultaneously managing to get your foot tapping and eventually you’re whole body breaking out in dance. The variation of instruments used throughout the track opens up your senses to a foreign utopia that you just can’t stop listening to.

This enlightening album is influenced by a world of music, which resonates across into each individual note and lyric seamlessly. The final result is a joyous and worldly uplifting album, that has you beaming throughout.

Hande Cerkez.


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