Snakadaktal, Hung On Tight

Our favourite Triple J unearthed high winners of 2011, Snakadaktal, are back on our playlists once again with their most recent creation ‘Hung on Tight’. The track is the first to be released off the bands very first debut album, ‘Sleep In The Water’.

If the single ‘Hung on Tight’ is anything to go by, the debut album set to be released on the 2nd of August, will be loaded with dreamy lyrics, subtle beats and gripping story telling.

The video clip for the single is odd, yet keeps you hooked till the very end. Having you question elements of the clip, it maintains your curiosity and is perfectly coupled with the seductive and eerie sounds of the track. “I hung on tight,” repeated throughout the track makes you intent on finding an explanation to the scenes of the video, but also somewhat prepared for the open-ended conclusion.

The ambiguity of Snakadaktal’s first single ignites a sense of curiosity for what is to come of their debut album. ‘Sleep in the water’ will no doubt be an array of melancholic anthems and tranquil vibes.

Check out the video for yourselves.

Hande Cerkez.


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