Interview with New Empire

I had the privilege of taking part in the Global Citizen Festival in Melbourne over the weekend. The festival seeks to raise awareness about the Global poverty Project which is an international education and advocacy organization working to catalyse the movement to end extreme poverty. An Australian grown project, The Global Poverty Project creates campaigns with the purpose of increasing the number of people taking action to end extreme poverty, with the vision of a world without extreme poverty. The Melbourne leg of the Global Citizen Festival included the like of New Empire and Evermore. I had the pleasure of interviewing the boys from New Empire.

1. As a band, how would you describe your style and genre in three words?

Kyle: Our music is emotional rock… Not emo! I think we’re rock music with indie and alternative parts. Our lyrics are also quite empathetic and meaningful, we write about stuff that we believe in and stuff that we hope for.

2. What sets you apart from other alternative pop rock bands?

Kyle: We try and write music that is really hopeful to people and it’s something that we really believe in that in any situation there is a way out, and we talk about that in our songs. We pride ourselves on our lyrics being quite relevant to young people.

3. Had you always been interested in the Global Poverty Jeremy: Project, or did you just recently find out about it?

We had only recently heard about the Global Poverty Project and the Global Citizen Festival, but we were really keen to get on board. We hadn’t done any charity events like this for a while so this was something that we were really excited about.

4. What made you want to be part of it?

Jeremy: It’s amazing the way the whole festival has been put together. It’s just such a fast growing movement and its so incredible to see the that the whole world has really embraced it so quickly. We’re really grateful to be part of it.

5. Have you ever worked with Evermore before, or is this your first time meeting them?

Jeremy: Yes, we’re good friends with those guys. We’ve written together and toured together earlier in the year. They were actually part of the whole process of getting us on board with the Global Citizen Festival.

6. You’re set to embark on a national tour in October, what is the best and worst part about touring?

Jeremy: The best parts of being on tour are that we just get to hang out everyday and there is always new experience, and always something funny happening everyday. We just really embrace each other and we have a ball.

Kyle: We haven’t toured solidly for a little while now so all we can think about are the best parts.

Nathan: Coming back to reality and your life after the tour is over is probably one of the hardest parts of going on tour.

7. Your latest single ‘Say It Like You Mean It’ is out now, which is super exciting, does this single sum up your upcoming album, ‘In a Breath’?

Nathan: It does sum up the album, it’s almost like a new fresh sort of sound and a new beginning. With a new album out you don’t want to stay stale in the music industry, so it’s great to have it sounding so fresh. It sums it up that we’re maturing a lot more and the sound we’re producing.

8. What can we expect from the upcoming album?

Nathan: Definitely a new sound and a mature sound, we’re excited to produce something new and fresh.

9. Whilst writing this album, who has been your biggest influence? In terms of different artists and genres.

Jeremy: The new album was written over the last 18 months to two years, so it’s been quite a period of time. The way that we write we always take our time and make sure it’s not forced, making sure it’s an organic process. Over a two-year period you’re listening to a whole bunch of different artists, so thankfully there is a variety on the new album that can only come from writing over a two-year period. There are some influences from Adele and her dark piano pop style as well.

10. Do you ever get nervous when releasing a single to your fans, of what they will think and whether or not they will like it?

Kale: I wouldn’t say its nerves, I just get more anxious and want to release it straight away. I would say we’re pretty confident in ourselves when we release something that we really enjoy and that our listeners will really enjoy as well.

11. Do you have a favourite track on the upcoming album? Kyle: What is it and why is it your favourite?

The title track, ‘Inner Breath’, is really just a special song for all of us. The lyrics and what its about just really resonates with all of us. It felt like a magical experience the first time we listened to it completely finished it and we all hold on to that track as our baby. We never expected it to have a certain kind of quality that we couldn’t put our finger on.

12. Do you prefer performing at intimate gigs or huge festivals?

Nathan: You vibe a lot more from larger festival gigs.

Jeremy: But acoustically the intimate gigs to one or two hundred people are incredible, then at the same time the atmosphere you get from a large festival you can’t really replicate.

Kyle: There is a need for artists to have the smaller shows if they’re still able to have the big shows, because you still need that personal relationship with your fans.

13. Do you have a weird talent that no one knows about?

Nathan: I can tie a knot with an Allen’s snake in my mouth. Kyle can make coffee, it’s not a weird talent but it’s a talent.

14. Out of the following three personalities, who would you serenade, go on a bike ride with or run away from: Jim Carey, Stevie Wonder, and Rebel Wilson.

Jeremy: I would definitely go on a bike ride with Jim Carey you would just have a hilarious time, run away from Rebel Wilson and serenade Stevie Wonder.

Nathan: I would go on a bike ride with Stevie Wonder because it would be a tandem bike ride and I would be steering, I would serenade Rebel because she’s the only female and you should be a bit romantic and then run from Jim Carey because he’s hilarious when he flails his arms and I’d be laughing running away from him.

Kyle: I would serenade Jim Carey, I think it would be hilarious his reaction. Go on a bike ride with Stevie and run away from Rebel Wilson.

Hande Cerkez.




Photos courtesy of Two Birds Talking.


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