Gossling, Harvest of Gold

Helen Croome is Gossling. She hails from country Victoria and has that distinctively sweet sound, which we’re all familiar with.

Her style is both distinctive and alluring, making for an intriguing listen. Gosslingโ€™s songwriting is a mix between of heart-felt lyrics and memorable melodies.

Her debut album, Harvest of Gold, is a catchy collection of pop tunes demonstrating a progression from those signature folk roots. This album has a more influential electronic and disco vibe. A brew of rhythmic celebrations, this full length release isย  evidence of Gossling’s growth as an artist.

The album is pure in its simplicity, but manages to reach new heights of experimentative bliss. Gossling’s art of storytelling mixes in with symphonic beauty and leaves you tenderly enlightened. An overly pleasing album, a harvester of its own gold if you will.

Hande Cerkez.


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