Goldroom, Embrace

It’s Friday and all I want to do is listen to Goldroom. Josh Legg, is the man behind Goldroom and with the release of his Embrace EP, it’s the perfect Friday afternoon jam.

An LA producer of all things electronic goodness, Legg has collaborated with Ariela Jacobs for this EP. Her vocal talents have provided the six song EP with a sense of femininity.

Synths are definitely prominent throughout the tracks, but they’re seamlessly combined with beautiful vocals and harp strings. The title track of the EP, ‘Embrace’ debuts the plucking strings of the harp and gains momentum, getting louder and fuller with the progress of the track. The constant nostalgic lyrics of this track loop in and out of the beat and leave you wanting oh so much more! “I’ve been thinking ’bout you every day…”, transforms the song into a reflection of a relationship that is now nothing more than a memory.

Not only the lyricism, but the passionate execution and peaking instrumentation of this EP work so well together, that without even realizing you’re immediately in a natural state of good vibes.


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