DIY Sunday

Sundays are all about DIY. Seeing as how lately I’ve been obsessed with coloured pot plants by Nosha, I’ve decided to have a go at making my own. Whilst doing some neon pot plant research online I came across The Proper Pinwheel. A blog totally devoted to all things DIY. Below is their simple instructions on how to make some super cute interior neon pot plants.

Youโ€™ll need:

  • brown pot (from IKEA or Bunnings)
  • painterโ€™s tape
  • Neon Pink fluorescent spray paint (found at Bunnings)

Start off by wrapping the tape around your pot at your desired height. After you have taped, paint the bottom of the pot with light, short bursts of paint. Hold the can far enough away to avoid paint drips. After about 3 coats, let it dry. Then… You’re done!

Words from The Proper Pinwheel.


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