Georgia Fair at Howler Melbourne

Against a backdrop of vintage American Western films Georgia Fair took to the stage. Within the unique arts hub space, that is Melbourne’s Howler Bar, Georgia Fair emerged guitars in hand, giving their fans an intimate and heart felt performance.

Supported by the likes of Meg Mac, whose opening fiery performances of Known Better and Every Lie geared up the crowd for the Sydney duo. Georgia Fair’s live show was beautifully performed, demonstrating their talent as artists and as professionals. Throughout the course of each entire track, Georgia Fair had the crowd tapping their feet and singing along. With the crowd in awe, each strumming beat of their guitars cut through the mesmerized silence of the whole room.

Not only was their performance throughout the night intimately executed, but also the emotion poured into each ballad was hypnotizing the watch. Every detail of each song, new and old, was delicately carried out.

Blind, Picture Frames and Gloria were no doubt crowd pleasers. But regardless, with every song performed on the night each lyric lingered in the air as the crowd become consumed by every word. It was a beautiful event to witness and has not doubt made me appreciate their music so much more as a fan. Georgia Fair are an emerging Sydney band that you definitely must see live.

This review was featured in Adam Not Eve.

Hande Cerkez.


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