As part of the J Awards, Triple j’s annual celebration of outstanding talent in the Australian music scene. Melbourne lyricist Remi has been nominated for the Unearthed Artist of the Year.

New to the music scene, after only rapping for a year and a half, Remi has already released two EP’s in 2011 (‘Childish’ and ‘Five Beats I Love’), along with his debut album ‘Regular people Sh#%t’, which covered a variation of musical talent.

Since having his debut album dubbed as being Triple J Unearthed radio’s Hip Hop show’s feature album, Remi has continued to play at various shows across Australia alongside fellow rappers; XXL freshman Danny Brown, MED, N’fa Jones, M.A.F.I.A and Jade Mc Rae.

Impressing us with tracks like ‘Sangria’ and ‘Saggin’, Remi amps up the pace with full throttle catchy tunes. All his tracks have a signature effortless flow, along with edgy hooks and sinks. After recently being added to the Falls Music and Arts Festival line-up, these hip-hop party infused sounds will no doubt be a favourite amongst the Falls crowds.

With a fresh outlook on the Australian hip-hop music scene, Remi brings a forward thinking approach. With such a talent that will no doubt continue to evolve, Remi will be sure to manifest into a household Australian hip-hop name.


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