Life Is Art, Sculpt It.

The product of two Sydney sisters, Serpent & the Swan is a label inspired by a shared childhood love of the animal kingdom and a dark and morbid fascination with the anatomy of creatures and their mystical incarnations. The label has just launched their custimisable basics range, Sculpt It. The collection pays special attention to cuts lines and shapes, making it subtle yet visually striking.

The Sculpt It collection is a unisex basics range made with premium fabrics to compliment each garment. The collection focouses on giving consumers the ability to create a unique garment with the Serpent & the Swan’s hallmark trimmings. Their organic bamboo jersey t-shirts, washed linen shirts and 100% wool knitted sweaters cardigans and scarves are customisable with unique buttons, toggles, leather pockets and trimmings, horses, wolves skulls, bones, chains and zips. This hallmark of the Serpent & the Swan collection adds to the unique aesthetic of each garment.

Β 174
Β 6 with nip

Step 1: Select from Serpent & the Swan’s range of high-quality unisex basics.

Step 2: Select from a variety of handmade trimmings to adorn the garment with.

Step 3: One the creation has been purchased, Serpent & the Swan will sculpt the order to your specifications and mail it out.

Sculpt It is available online now atΒ www.serpentandtheswan.com



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