It’s one thing being fit and training regularly, it’s another thing looking great whilst doing it. Below are my favourite sportswear labels, which not only look great, but are comfortable enough to work out in.

L ‘ U R V

L’urv is a boutique women’s sportswear label that caters for the unique and active individual.  Function and fashion co-exist creating a performance label that is like no other. Their collections are inspired by nature and colour.

L’urv is for vitality, creativity and positive living. With limited addition designs and contemporary colours, L’urv’s womens sportswear will ensure you standout in the gym and on the street. Both stylish and comfortable, L’urv’s sportswear extends beyond dance, yoga and fitness to your everyday wardrobe. With directional silhouettes, unique detailing and modern styling, L’urv’s sportswear allows you to workout without losing your cool.

T H E  U P S I D E

The Upside create yoga and active wear that reflects the changing values and needs of modern day society. Their functional collection looks great both in and out of the studio.

The Upside design clothes that empower the individual to move freely throughout the lives they create. The Upside is an approach to dressing that includes contemporary eco-friendly styles with a strong emphasis on health and spiritual pursuit.

S I L K  A T H L E T E

Sportsilk activewear are a new unique activewear for any climate – combining the luxury of silk with cutting edge fabric technology. Their free to move garments make for the most comfortable gym attire going around.


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