Singer, songwriter, radio and TV personality Ella Hooper has announced a national tour to celebrate her single, Low High’, which is set appear on her forthcoming debut solo album, In Tongues.  We got to have a chat with her about all things Low and High.


1.Your latest single ‘Low High’ was produced and recorded by Jan Skubizewski, who has also worked with the likes of Owl Eyes and Illy, what was it like working with him?


Jan and I have been friends for a long time and we’d often spoken about working together one day, then the time finally came when I wrote this batch of songs.. I really wanted someone to push me out of my comfort zone and to help me realize my vision for this new dark spiky smoky retro meets contemporary kind of approach, and Jan was the perfect guy for that.


2. What response have you received for your latest single ‘Low High’ are your fans liking it?


Yeah, we sold out our 1st show in Sydney which is nice. So they’re seemingly pleased and intrigued, and apparently they’re looking forward to hearing more, which is awesome. That’s right where I want them. More is coming soon!


3. ‘In Tongues’ is your forthcoming debut solo album, was it both nerve racking and exciting producing something as a solo artist?


Definitely. Lots of sleepless nights, but then again I’m a part time insomniac, so I’m used to that! It’s a lot more rewarding but a lot more work, and a lot more pressure. Having your name on the masthead so to speak, well it makes you really consider every little detail as a part of yourself. It’s just a story I’m telling, this album, but it’s personal and I want it to come across correctly, as I envisaged.


4. In your opinion what are the perks of releasing an album as a solo artist as opposed to being part of a band?


Autonomy, though of course there’s still lots of collaborative elements, like production and artwork. But generally, the buck stops with me. Whereas in bands I tend to like democracies, wher everyone gets a say, it make a band a free happy place to be. But it’s also exciting and liberating to hire a different muso every day, have them come in and tell them what to do, then they leave offering up no opinions, only their talents for me to enjoy and work into my vision. I’ll definitely be doing it again. But I’ll also join or create a band again too. For sure. I really love both modes.


5. Despite not only being a TV and radio personality you also produce great music, will that always be part of your life regardless of what you’re doing?


BIG YES. Most definitely.  (I hope to one day become a ‘renaissance woman’ and do it all, all at once.. haha)


6. You are set to go on tour across Australia in the next few months, what is the best and worst thing about being on tour?


The best is the energetic and psychic release of a good ‘locked in the zone’ gig. When they’re good, gigs are the best part of the job. Also meeting wonderful new people, I love that.  The worst is not knowing where to get a good (I mean Melbourne good) soy flat white at 8 in the morning after going to bed at 4 in the morning. And grumpy, deaf sound guys. Ughh. Cheer up a bit and turn it down a bit, you bastards. 😉


7. Where on tour are you most excited to play or revisit?


I don’t have a favorite, but I always love going to WA. The vibes are good and the fans are awesome to catch up with there. But, then, Adelaide has the best op shops.


8. You’ve recently been announced as a team captain on the 2014 return of Spicks & Specks, have you always been a fan of the quiz show?


Huge fan. Obsessive. It’s surreal to now be a part of it every week. Surreal in a very excellent, exciting way.


9. Whilst co-hosting ‘The Aus Top 20’ radio show what have been your most memorable moments?


This might sound a bit sappy, but the friendship I have struck up with Benny Wasley, my co-host who has pretty much taught me everything, is the best, most special thing. We are the best of friends and I always look forward to spending my Wednesdays laughing and causing a ruckus with him. Oh and meeting and supporting all the great Australian talent that comes through, that’s great too..


10. In three words how would you describe your debut solo album, ‘In Tongues’?


Personal. Pop. Phoenix. (three ‘P’s.. how about that..)



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