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We had the pleasure of interviewing Zoe from Mister Zimi about the much anticipated release of her Autumn/Winter 2014 collection, Arizona.

1.      What made you want to create a women’s clothing line? Was it because there was a lack of easy and wearable yet stylish clothing in the market at the time?

Actually Mister Zimi was an accident! My husband and I were on holidays in Bali and I took a sketch of my perfect leather jacket to a local tailor to be made. When I arrived home, all my girlfriends wanted one, and random strangers stopped me on the street to ask me where it was from. So when I went back to Bali, I got some more made and then it just grew from there.


2.      How would you describe Mister Zimi as a brand using only three words?

Carefree, colourful and exotic.


3.      Sunny Bali has always been one of the major influences throughout your collections, how as this shifted with the current Arizona A/W collection?

There are still lots of colours and patterns which is the core of Mister Zimi and its Balinese influence, but our girl is a wanderer of the world, so we thought we’d take her somewhere new!


4.      Being an Autumn Winter collection did you feel you needed to stray away from the beach dominated lifestyle of Bali?

Not at all! The collection is still very wearable and transeasonal, but just with more leather jackets and boots for the cooler days. We don’t really design collections that are distinctly winter or summer, because we want our customers to be able to wear it whenever and wherever!


5.      What have been some of the challenges of starting and running a business from Bali?

Bali is a great place to work and run a business, my staff are super hard working and the locals are giving, beautiful people. The challenges are that I am a mum of two so that restricts my travelling a lot more than use to, which means I have less control. My husband Jimi is over there more now to ensure the production side is running smoothly, but things like weather we can’t control and is challenging because a rainy season can delay everything.


6.      What sets the Arizona collection apart from other Mister Zimi collections?

That’s like asking a mother which child is her favourite! I feel all the Mister Zimi collections are different from one another, but ultimately there is a common thread that connects them together so it is distinctly Mister Zimi. The Arizona Collection introduces new shapes and styles, like the Eve dress, a long dress with splits, and I have added a couple of more leather skirts to the mix.


7.      What has been the response to the Arizona A/W collection both here in Australia and in Bali?

The response has been amazing! Sometimes I get overwhelmed by how supportive our customers are and their incredible feedback but at the same time, this makes me work harder and continue to create pieces they love.


8.      The style and atmosphere you portray in each of your stores is divine, has Mister Zimi ever considered reaching out into creating interior collections?

We have started dabbling in interior decor like rugs and cushions and so far it’s been an amazing success. It’s something we would love to add to our offerings in the near future because for me, Mister Zimi isn’t just a fashion brand, it’s a lifestyle.


9.      Who would you love to see wearing your collections?

Sienna Miller and of course Kate Moss. And the beautiful nomad that is Daria Werbowy.


10.   Where is Misterzimi off to next with their next creative collections?

Not sure yet – you’ll have to wait and see!


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