R B M A – 2

Hip-hop and electro fusionist Greg Broussard, better known as Egyptian Lover, returns to Australia on behalf of Red Bull Music Academy (RBMA) to headline the May edition of their Club Nights series.

Since his 1984 debut, the ‘West Coast Father of Electro’ will be laying down the blueprint for breakdance via his favourite vinyl and the Roland TR-808 drum machine that has become his signature piece of kit. The veteran producer’s influence becomes more widespread as the years go by, thanks in part to a relentless touring schedule that in 2014 has already seen him perform throughout Europe and at Miami Music Week in March. Classic cuts like Egypt, Egypt and Dance have as much dancefloor relevance now as they did when they were written, as evidenced by Egypt’s sets for Red Bull Music Academy in New York City.

Egyptian Lover has his own milestone to mark in 2014. Stones Throw Records will be releasing the Egyptian Lover Anthology, with Egyptian Lover no doubt be showcasing some of that material when he hits Australia shores for RBMA. You can catch the ‘West Coast Father of Electro’ at Goodgod Small Club in Sydney on Thursday the 8th May with supports from Simon Caldwell, Levins and Silky Doyle. Then on Saturday the 10th of May at Boney in Melbourne, backed up by Australia’s RBMA NYC 2013 participant Julien Love, J-Red, Mike Hunt and C:1.

Keep in mind all the RBMA club night events are free on a first come first serve basis, so RSVP’s are essential! So you’d best click the link below and get in early!


Thursday 8th May:
Goodgod, Sydney, 8pm Egyptian Lover + Simon Caldwell + Levins + Silky Doyle

Saturday 10th May:
Boney, Melbourne, 9pm Egyptian Lover + J-RED + Julien Love + Mike Hunt + C:1



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