SABA has always been a brand consistently driven by the community and environment that surrounds them. Their recent ambassador campaign #SABAStyled celebrates all things ranging from art, architecture, music, dance and nature. Thereby giving a voice to the people that inspire their iconic brand. The creative leaders, doers and the makers.

The product of this campaign is a range of beautiful and intimate black and white portraits of creative people that are leaders in their profession. The SABA Style ambassadors highlight how beautifully diverse and remarkable the brandโ€™s audience is and aims to highlight how SABA provides their customers with relevant, beautifully designed, confident garments that allow them to focus on doing what they do best.

For the campaign SABA has flown in renowned UK based fashion photographer, Rodger Deckker, who has managed to capture the outstanding characteristic and personality of the chosen talent perfectly and the final shots embody what lies at the heart of this campaign, celebrating a range of outstanding Australian talent that SABA is inspired by on a daily basis.

To coincide with the launch of the #SABAStyled ambassador campaign, SABA has introduced a social media competition encouraging their customers to โ€˜SABA Style’ themselves or be styled in a SABA store and share their personal portrait through Instagram using the SABAstyle hashtag for a chance to win a $5000 wardrobe overhaul.

Melbourne customers are also invited to join the exclusive launch event at the new flagship store at the new Emporium Melbourne. For the launch event SABA has partnered with acclaimed fashion photographer, Stephen Ward, offering complimentary personal portraits as part of the #SABAStyled activity. Live entertainment and refreshments will also be available on the night.













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