With the winter months well on their way, it’s no doubt hard to stay fit and motivated. We had a chat with Australia’s Leading Female Trainer, Rachel Guy, to find out the best ways to stay motivated and in shape during the winter chill.


During the winter months how do you keep yourself motivated to stay fit?

Motivation is internal. I also spend time with like-minded people and ensure I still see my trainer every week so I don’t deviate off the path! My membership site was purposely build to keep people ON TRACK year round which eventually becomes a lifestyle.


Where are the best places to train during winter?

Well regardless of the time of year, my preference is always lifting weights so in the gym!


What are your favourite fitness exercises at the moment?

Deadlifting, Dumbell Shoulder Pressing and Sprinting


How often would you recommend training for those of us working full time? Is it better to train before or after a long day of work?

40-50mins of solid work is more than enough if you are lifting weights. 20mins if you are doing interval training. Most people spend too long in the gym doing exercises or training inefficiently.


Can you share some exercises that people can easily do at home without being exposed to the winter chill?

I have a whole body weight training e-book on this but to pick my top 3 exercises I would say Squatting, Push Ups and Glute Bridges.


What are your three favourite workout tracks?

Hardest question ever! Depends on my mood. My favorites on my current playlist are Disturbed – Down with the Sickness, Marilyn Manson – This is the New Shit and Atreyu – Honor


What is the best way to recover from a day of hard training?

A good re-feed and sleep. Most trainees underestimate the importance of massage and recovery methods. A good sports massage is not pleasant!


During winter what are some of your preferred meals that still keep you feeling healthy and energized?

I love bone broths and a good old fashioned chicken soup! Also a massive fan of slow cooking. I often do lamb shanks or osso bucco.


What are your favourite brands to workout in?

Be An Athlete (BAA) or Under Armour.


Finally for those looking to get back to the gym, what benefits can they begin to see in their bodies with regular exercise?

I could write a book on this but here is a list of the top 10 benefits:

1)   Drop Body Fat

2)   Build Muscle

3)   Better Sex

4)   More Energy

5)   Feel better in themselves

6)   Make better food choices

7)   Improved Sleep

8)   Improved overall wellness

9)   Less injury prone with increased strength

10)  Improved self confidence




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