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Cassie Mendoza-Jones, founder of Elevate Vitality will be presenting her signature Elevate Your Vitality webinar on Monday the 19th May. The webinar is targeted at those who are struggling for energy to make through the afternoon of crazy sugar cravings, draining ‘brain fog’ and chest tightening anxiety, the webinar will present participants with healthy inspiration to help them get back on track.

As Cassie Mendoza-Jones explains, exhaustion, fatigue, sugar cravings and anxiety appear complex but it can often be as simple as the foods are you eating and the foods are not eating, as well as incorporating nourishing herbal medicine and lifestyle practices, that can make a huge difference in your day and energy levels.

The Elevate Vitality Signature Webinar aims to shed light on these simple ideas:

:: That you can feel alert, happy and positive when you wake up each morning
:: That laziness isn’t a sign of fatigue
:: That food can be your friend, not your foe
:: That you don’t need to feel anxious most days of your life
:: That 3pm slumps aren’t cool (even if you’ve been thinking very, very, very hard all day)

The purpose of the webinar is to offer participants powerful yet simple ways to help them elevate your vitality, reduce
anxiety, and improve their overall energy throughout the day.

What you will learn in the Elevate Vitality Signature Webinar:

:: Why looking after your digestive system is key to a happy mood
:: How to naturally reduce stress and anxiety
:: How to easily boost your energy
:: The key herbs you need in your life if you ever feel stressed, anxious or depressed
:: The best best best ways to improve your mood
:: The number one thing you can do to speed up weight loss
:: How to heal from adrenal fatigue in a few simple steps but why you can’t rush it

The Elevate Vitality Signature Webinar is for you if:

:: You need some support to reduce anxiety and depression
:: You want to learn how to use food as medicine to heal your body and mind
:: You want to learn how to use simple kinesiology techniques to connect with your spirit and soothe your soul
:: You love my eBooks, meal plans or past webinars, resonate with me and my message of gentle healing, want
to connect again and learn more
:: You think you’re too busy to look after yourself properly
:: You have a history of feeling fatigued, flat, drained, stressed, overwhelmed, weepy, teary, exhausted and
:: You love all things health and wellness and are always up for deepening your knowledge
Registrations for the webinar close on Thursday 15 May, 2014.
For more information on The Elevate Vitality Signature Webinar visit the website.


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