L I L ‘ R O S S C O

Melbourne based DJ/producer Lil’ Rossco was excited to officially launch his latest mix ‘27 Club’. The tribute mix was three years in the making and consists of nostalgic throwbacks to music legends whose lives ended abruptly at the age of 27. Members of the infamous ’27 club’ feature in the mix and include 44 music personalities who all left their own unique stamp on the industry.

Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison are among some of the big-name featured in the mix. Lil’ Rossco serves up the ‘27 Club’ release which effortlessly fuses the genres of rock, grunge and jazz with flavours of electro, metal and blues. Choosing not to be constricted by any one style, Rossco is famous for delivering his own unique brand of impressive beat-making, continuing this trademark style with his latest mix.

To celebrate the launch of ‘27 Club’, Lil’ Rossco threw an invite only party, where guests listened to the exclusive mix whilst jamming with the hard-partying legends of years gone by. The mix is now exclusively available for free streaming, downloading and sharing, via lilrossco.com and soundcloud.com/lilrossco.


Check out the social snaps from the event below.











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