R U F U S x E N E S S

Stonefield - Potrait

Australian indie-dance trio RUFUS have always been about standing out and creating something different. They have a DIY attitude and if you have ever seen them perform you know they bring the stage to life. For their most recent tour, RUFUS wanted to ย build upon their already explosive live shows and create something that adds another level of entertainment for their fans. With the initial idea in mind and the support of Red Bull, they enlisted the help of ENESS – ย an award winning art and design studio whose works have been exhibited worldwide in Museums of Modern Art, the French Alps and even the streets of Mumbai.

ENESS create interactive art installations that combine varying disciplines, from fine art to software, architecture, music and even sport. They have pioneered the art of 3D projection mapping and real-time motion tracking of human movement in theatre, sporting events, and public installations. Their work often blurs the virtual with the physical surrounding, encouraging audiences to participate in a hyper-real world.

After months of planning, designing, building and rehearsing RUFUS took to the road with their Worlds Within Worlds tour and the product of this partnership – a portable LED installation that showcased what happens when two creative worlds collide. With seven rows of LED lights and visuals that have been choreographed to match the set list, this instillation is a unique step forward for the band.

Lead by the Managing Directors, Steven Mieszelewicz and Creative Director Nimrod Weis, the ENESS creative and operational team consists of a group of talented designers, coders, modellers, project managers, marketers and creative thinkers. With backgrounds in graphic design and software development, Steven and Nimrod have been operating ENESS, an award winning art and design practice, for the past 16 years.

Stonefield - Potrait

Stonefield - Potrait



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