O W E N – R A B B I T

Owen Rabbit

Catch Release’s latest signing Owen Rabbit and his debut single Police Car which is set to be released on August 1st on 7-inch vinyl. We had a chat to Owen about his upcoming national tour and the release of his debut single.

1.     Your debut single Police Car has just been released on 7-inch vinyl, how has the response been so far?

I’m really happy with how my tune has been received so far. I feel like I’m etching myself a nice little groove into the Australian music scene. The vinyls look really cool as well.

2.     How would you describe your debut track Police Car? What would you like this track to ignite within your listeners?

It’s a sad pop song. When I was writing it I had a lot of time to myself and I was remembering growing up in Perth and feeling directionless and getting in trouble. I hope it makes people feel better when they’re in a bad situation.

3.     Describing yourself as a multi-instrumentalist and producer, how many instruments in total can you play?

On stage I’ve got a guitar, an electric drum pad, a keyboard, a bass synth, another keyboard, a midi controller, which I use to trigger beats and samples and a whole bunch of percussion instruments. I play some other stuff as well. I really want to get a theremin.

4. Other than using bottles and matches, what is the weirdest thing you have used to make music?

I’ve got a travel monopoly set that I use as a shaker. I want to get a gun. Maybe not a real one, one of those replicas. I thought it’d be cool cocking it into the microphone. I might have a bit of trouble explaining that one to the cops if I get pulled over while I’m driving up and down the country heading to shows. I want to get some nice bells as well. Always after new stuff. It’s my birthday round about my next Melbourne show at the Wesley Anneon August 8th. If you wanna get me a present get me something that makes a cool sound.

5.     You no doubt have a talent in combining beats and vocals to create textured yet haunting sounds, who would you say this style is drawn from?

I grew up listening to Bjork, Nine Inch Nails and Aphex Twin. Lately I’ve been really smashing heaps of 90s soul/rnb like Bilal and D’Angelo. I love listening to anything that makes me feel something intense. I’m so into the new Porter Robinson right now. That dude is amazing.

6.     What do you think differentiates your style of music production from other producers within the industry?

I do everything live. I make up all the loops live with my drum pad and a microphone and play instruments. Everything is off grid, so even the samples are played more like a drum machine. I think it gives the whole sound a more organic feeling. Nothing’s so rigid as a lot of electronic music. I think people appreciate seeing where all the sounds come from when I play live.

7.     You are set to begin an Australia wide national tour on the 8th of August, are you excited to be headlining your very own national tour?

Yep yep yep! Stoked! It’s gonna be sweet as. I’ve got some pretty amazing supports all around the country. I think there’s gonna be some great nights of music.

8.     After the release of your debut single and a national tour, when can we expect your debut album?

I don’t want to rush it. I’m aiming to put out another single before the year’s up and then an EP early next year. I have an opportunity to record in Korea at a beautiful studio in Seoul. So even though I’m not doing an album yet, I’ll be putting out some music.

9.     Will your debut album be anything like your debut single Police Car, or should we expect something completely out of the blue from Owen Rabbit?

I’d like to keep doing different things. Even in my live show right now has there’s some pretty varied tunes. I think it’ll be a little darker.

10. Finally, who would you love to collaborate with in the future?

Heaps of people. At the moment I’m collaborating with a really amazing trap producer from Melbourne. Don’t wanna say too much about that one just now but that’ll be out soon. I’d love to work with Shane Koyczan as well. That guy is such a beautiful poet.




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