Electro songstress Banks today released her debut album Goddess, and while it’s been a fast rise for the artist musically, she’s also making waves on the high fashion scene.

Scoring photo-shoots in illustrious titles such as Harper’s Bazaar and Miss Vogue, the star has also been spotted sitting front row at some of the biggest fashion shows of the year. It’s safe to say, Banks has arrived.

So while we’ve been fawning over her tunes,  designers such as Karl Lagerfeld have been sending Banks some fine Chanel attire, not to mention an invitation to sit front row at the label’s Paris show earlier this year.

The 14-track album is full of the smooth beats and gorgeous vocals we expect of Banks. It’s funny to think this is her first album, not just because we’ve been listening to her for yonks, but because her music is remarkably seasoned.

Words sourced from Pages Digital.



2 thoughts on “B A N K S

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