S L E E P Y – D R E A M E R S – S I N G L E – L A U N C H



Melbourne’s Sleepy Dreamers launched their single Hunk at last Wednesday’s edition of Shady Lane at The Evelyn in Fitzroy. Despite the single not being  available as a hard copy on the night, the four dreamers, Ed, Shannon, Callam and Matt, were enjoying the buzz of their supportive crowd.

Playing their smooth melodic tracks, the live show reflected just how proud and excited the guys were to be playing at The Evelyn. With the official launch of their new single Hunk, the dreamers played an intimate show with their trademark enthusiasm, which we have come to know of this local Melbourne band.

The tracks played throughout the night included the likes of Bike Song, Long Way Down and Stockholm. Favourites amongst the crowd, these tracks soothed the crowd into a feeling of bliss and euphoria. The Sleepy Dreamers quartet are a Melbourne made band definitely worth appreciating.



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