D J – M I T S U – T H E – B E A T S


The Red Bull Music Academy (RMBA) takes its Club Night series around the country once again this September with Japan’s DJ Mitsu The Beats kicking off the event. Repped by the Jazzy Sport crew out of Tokyo, the host city for this year’s RBMA takeover, DJ Mitsu brings over a decade of experience and a command of hip-hop and house grooves down under. We had the privilege of chatting to him about all things beats, collaborations and the RBMA.


You’ve probably been asked this question a million times, but for your Australian fans can you tell us where the name DJ Mitsu the Beats comes from?

It was inspired by another DJ that I liked that went by the name ‘DJ Mitsu’ and I thought my mission was making good beats so I added ‘the Beats’.


Where in Japan are you from and how long have you been DJing?

I’m originally from the city called Asahikawa in Hokkaido Pref. And I’ve been DJing for 20 years or so.


What was it about DJing and beat making that sparked your interest?

I saw a DJ battle on TV and from there I started practicing scratch and tricks everyday. I just love experimenting with different beats and pushing music in new and exiting directions.


How would you describe your music?

Some people describe my music as kinda ‘jazzy’ but my style and flavours keep changing and evolving so I find it hard to describe as one genre or even a mixed genre.


Prior to getting involved with the Red Bull Music Academy did you know much about it?

Yeah, I knew some pretty amazing artists globally were involved. I’d been checking various artists doing lectures with RBMA…and Red Bull did basecamp with young local beat-makers in my hood (in Sendai city) where I performed at the after party. Also, I did an interview with RBMA UK (London) when I was there for tour and did some live DJ stream programs for RBMA New Zealand (Auckland)… so other than being aware of other artists who have been involved – I’ve come in contact with RBMA personally a fair bit.


What is the most exciting part about touring with the Red Bull Music Academy?

Connecting and communicating with various artists. I’m especially excited to meet COIN BANKS and HAZEL this time.


Is this your first time in Australia?

Yes this is my first time.


What are you most excited to see and do whilst you’re in Australia

The great nature and Uluru!


What kind of beats have you been working on at the moment?

At the moment I’m making beats that are techno-influenced with a downtempo. which means I spin a lot when I’m DJing.


Who would you love to collaborate within the next year?



As always the RBMA is a free event but RSVPs are essential. Head online to RSVP your spot now.


Wednesday 24th September: Sugar, Adelaide, 9pm

Wassupski (Jazzy Sport/Japan)
Ross McHenry + Ferris Mular + Big Bubba

Thursday 25th September: Goodgod Small Club, Sydney, 8pm

Wassupski (Jazzy Sport/Japan)
Suburban Dark (Live)
Shantan Wantan Ichiban + Mako

Friday 26th September: Boney, Melbourne, 9pm

Wassupski (Jazzy Sport/Japan)
Keito (Jazzy Sport/Japan)
Cazeaux Oslo (Live)
Hazel (Live) + Kano + Aux-One

Saturday 27th September: The Bird, Perth, 7pm

Wassupski (Jazzy Sport/Japan)
Ben Taffe & Ben M (Move)
Henry Sims & Henry Maxwell
(Untitled Sound Alliance).


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