The newest addition to the Astral People family is Basenji, a producer who thrives in the middle ground between niche genres. With only a few songs to his name thus far, the Sydney-sider’s homemade blend of eclectic percussion and R&B-inspired melodies has already turned heads all over Australia, clocking up countless plays on Triple J and community radio stations around the country. The 21-year-old producer had a chat with us as our Monday Muse.

  1. How did Basenji come about?

I’ve been interested and working with music since I was maybe fourteen or fifteen, I think in the past year or so I started to take it seriously and treat it more than a hobby, and now I’m basically working full time with it.


  1. What were you doing before you created/began producing as Basenji?

I was making music with Wave Racer. That was something we did coming out of high school and while we were at university. We met each other in year seven and we’ve always been interested in the same things so it made sense to work together.


  1. You’ve been known to thrive in the middle ground between niche genres, which genres are your favourite to work with?

I don’t really think about genres at all. Genres exist to make things easier so you get a better idea of music. I really ever work towards genres and I feel like songs targeted towards genres aren’t really songs I’m interested in. it more about how soundscapes and textures work together, those are things that I’m more interested in.


  1. You’ve been announced to take the stage at this year’s Beyond the Valley festival, what can we expect to see during your set?

For me it’s a while away so I haven’t even thought about the songs I’ll be playing. Usually when I play a set I try to do a good balance between the songs people like with songs that they might not have heard yet. For me I’ll be putting a lot of my own music off the EP and stuff that no ones heard, which makes me a little nervous.


  1. Your talent has been described as colourful and chaotic brand of songwriting, would you agree with this statement?

Yeah I suppose, I’ve always considered a lot of my tracks to be quite busy. I guess colourful is the right word.


  1. You’re best buds with the likes of Wave Racer and some of the Cosmo’s Midnight guys, can we see any upcoming collaborations between you?

We have a whole lot of stuff we’ve been working on together. The hard thing is just finding the time to finish it off. We’ll continue working together though.


  1. You’ve recently becoming the newest addition to the Astral People family, how did that come about? Have you always wanted to work with them?

Yeah, they’re the best. I’ve met them a while before they started managing me. I remember when I first heard of them at a party, I kinda already became attached to them because they were kinda dealing with artists that I never thought id see in Sydney and that I always thought was a really nice quality. That I think what got me really interested in what they were doing.


  1. What can we see from Basenji in 2015?

There will be an EP hopefully at the start of the year. There will also be a few tours but everything is still up in the air.


  1. You’re a fresh young talent on the Australian electronic music scene; can you suggest any upcoming artists you’re into right now?

I’ve been listening to the Taylor Swift album right now, but I don’t wanna say that. I’ve been listening to a lot of stuff, there’s a dude called Murlo, he just released an EP called Into Mist. The music video’s just been released online and it’s already about to blow up on the music scene.






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