Thredbo has partnered with Corona to bring party-goers a jam-packed Village Concert Series in the snow from June to September, 2015. Featuring headline sets from leading local acts Alpine, The Preatures, The Rubens and Gang of Youths, the week will boast a plethora of action-packed snow activities and unique alpine events. We were lucky enough to have a chat with Melbourne indie pop outfit Alpine, following the release of their second studio album ‘Yuck’.

1.    Tell us about your most recent single ‘Damn Baby’ what were you influenced by when creating/writing this track?

Horns! Timmy came up with this track and when he first showed it to Christian, Timmy thought it was maybe a little too huge and too hip-hop to be an Alpine song. We assured him it was absolutely an Alpine song. Dopest shit we’d ever heard. It’s the track most influenced by our love of 90s RnB/Hip Hop. Lyrically, this track is about proclaiming to the world that you exist and are no longer fed up and ready to let go of all inhibitions. Ready to do something about what you’ve been suppressing between a relationships whether with someone or yourself. Boom!

2.    Your latest album ‘Yuck’ has just been released, what has been the response to far?

The response has been really positive, which is a huge relief because it’s a little daunting to get people’s reaction of your art. Art is so personal and we poured so much into this album, with a year to write and record it. On our latest ‘Foolish tour’ in June/July it was incredible to see people singing along to the songs at these shows. Everyone keeps telling us how sexy this album is (something we didn’t intentionally do when writing) and when I think sexy I think self assured, sassy and confident. Can’t mess with that 😉

3.    You’ve said that this album is “inspired by a lot of Tropicalia” which you discovered whilst listening to Latin and South American pop from the ’60s and ’70s, drawing on from this era what mood did you want to create for your listeners?

Our influence of Tropicalia is most noticeable in the song Foolish. We ended up writing a song with the aim of making it as pop focused as we could, with a fun, tongue in cheek vibe that was saturated in sunshine and flirtation.

4.    You’ve announced a national tour and will also be playing at the Thredbo Village Concert Series, are you excited to be playing up in the slopes?

You have no idea how excited we are to play a show in a snow! Our band name ALPINE was inspired by the fresh air and snow gums, so this is meant to be and feels long overdue. We’re going to bring a sexy, fun, raucous party to the snow.

5.    Whilst jamming on the slopes will you be hanging out at the Thredbo pop-up beer garden hosted by Corona?

Of course! We can’t wait!!