The Lulu Raes

The Lulu Raes are pleased to announce their debut national tour and latest video for the group’s third musical effort ‘Swing Me On A Vine Of Sunshine’. We had a chat with the band about their latest video that almost didn’t happen due to Sydney’s infamous hailstorm!

1.    Tell us about your music video for ‘Swing Me On A Vine Of Sunshine’ and how it almost didn’t happen due to the Sydney storms a few weeks back?

That was crazy timing. We were literally on the last shot of the day when the roof caved in and it started raining inside. It was a public holiday so we were the only people in the Sun Studios and we had to go running into all the other rooms and shut off the power. We nearly died because these huge industrial electrical generators got soaked.

2.    Where have your main musical influences come for the track ‘Swing Me On A Vine Of Sunshine’?

It was written when we were listening to everyone’s favourite lower class rockers Oasis. We tried to make it sort of beach boys-y as well with harmonies and beauty, but that stuff is really hard to recreate!

3.    You’ve previously had the privilege of supporting the likes of Gang of Youths, The Vines, DMA’s and Sticky Fingers, which of the four have been your favourite to support?

The Sticky Fingers show at the Enmore Theatre was a highlight for all of us. That venue is on every Sydney musician’s goal-list and those boys fucking sold it out!

4.    Do you find that you’re able to expose your music to new fans whilst supporting various other bands?

Yes, and you don’t feel pressure to be “on” so the performance tends to come off as more natural and genuine.

5.    You’re about to head out on a national tour towards the end of June/start of July, what do you like most about being on tour?

We listen to audiobooks in the car so when we arrive in a new city we all feel really smart.

6.    Will you be having any bands support you on your national tour?

Yes many. There is one hectic Sydney band called Rooms. (

7.    After completing you national tour, what will the Lulu Raes be getting up to?

It kind of feels like we need to finally release an EP/album so we’ve hired our own studio where we can go in the middle of the night and record bangers. I think that and writing will occupy the next couple of months.

8.    Where did the name ‘Lulu Raes’ come from?

Lulu Rae is the name of a dear friend of ours. We had all these songs and no band name and we needed something to put on the poster for our first gig so we stole her name.

9.    How would you describe your music?

Pop ‘n’ Roll

10.    What do you think is the most beneficial platform for bands like yourselves that are just starting out and are trying to get their music heard?

Everyone will say Soundcloud or Spotify. I think the most beneficial is Facebook. Everyone is monitoring the shit 24 hours a day and you can link all your music and merch and shit on the FB page.