Last week we got to party with TAG Heuer ambassadors Maria Sharapova and DJ duo NERVO at the TAG Heuer Summer Party. Melbourne’s Ms Collins venue celebrated TAG Heuer’s new global campaign, Don’t Crack Under Pressure, was celebrated with the brands first Australian ambassadors, NERVO. Playing to a crowd of more than 400 people, the sisters had a chat with All I’ve Heard about their upcoming endeavors. 

1.    How do you feel about playing along side Maria Sharapova at tonight Tag Heuer event? 

We can’t wait to meet her! We are big fans of hers. She’s so fierce!

2.   Can you ever imagine performing as a solo act? What do you enjoy most on about performing together? 

We feel like we bounce off each other well so wouldn’t want to perform solo. We love performing together. It’s always good fun.

3.   You performed at the main stage of Tomorrowland festival last year, how did it compare to other shows that youโ€™ve previously done? 

Tomorrowland is always an exciting festival to play. There is a lot of pressure for that gig because the set is being streamed live, the fans are very in tune with what you’re doing and last year we played main stage so that’s always a bit nerve wrecking. We love it though! There are so many other great festivals around the world too that bring phenomenal energy. Mexico and South America are great places for us to play in. The crowds there are crazy mad. We can’t get enough of it!

4.   How is the European electronic music scene different to that of Australiaโ€™s? Is there more demand for electronic music and DJs in Europe? 

Europe has a much larger population so of course the demand is bigger and there are also many more cities to visit so you can spend a lot of time touring. Australia’s scene, albeit smaller, is still vibrant and great to play for. It’s also really great to see so many budding young artists from Australia break into the International scene. Go Aussie’s!

5.    Where do you each draw your inspirations from when writing and creating music? 

We are very inspired by how the crowd reacts and from there we know what to do in the studio. If the crowd don’t react to a softer beat then we know we need to crank it up a notch and make something a bit tougher. Lyrics are drawn from every day life experiences, the usual, falling in love, breaking up, not wanting to let go, life ambitions, coming together of people etc. Writing lyrics can often be like a therapy sessions – ha!

6.   What do you think separates you from others in the industry? 

We’re not sure what separates us to other artist but am guessing it’s many little things ; the music we make, the music we play, our background / journey, our personalities, style, look… Not sure really. It must be a mix of everything I guess. You tell me !